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Remakes, Reboots and Reimagining’s

So how do you solve a problem like Remakes, Reboots and Reimagining’s ?  With some many of them happening right now how do we make sure you know The Fog from… well The Fog.

To keep it super simple we’ve come up with a naming convention that should make it all pretty easy.  Let’s take Point Break for example, one of my top 10 films of all time.   Yup Point Break is one is the greatest action film ever made and the other… well let’s just say it’s not. By a LONG way.

So Point Break (the original, 1991 Kathryn Bigelow film… aka the good one) would show on the site and tags as simply Point Break.  This reflects the fact it’s the original film.  The remake (the inferior and frankly horrible 2016 mess) would show as Point Break (2016).  So the title + (year), reflecting that its either a remakes, a reboot or a reimagining.

Simple right?  We hope so because for sure you never want to get certain remakes confused with each other … see Total Recall and, er, Total Recall (2012).  Or RoboCop and, arm, RoboCop (2014).   Or… okay you get the point.

So one simple, easy naming convention.  Sorted.

(NB: Where films are remakes but have different titles – Heat and LA Takedown for example they will be named as such)

(Caveat: This is current from October 2020… so SOME films may not have been updated to this current cadence.  Stick with us we are working our way through it. Slowly!)

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