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The Matrix (1999) – A Hall of Fame Quick Capsule Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
The Matrix finally got right the whole William Gibson cyber-punk thing for cinematic audiences and with it became one of THE best and most influential action sci-fi films of the 90’s, cementing leading man Keanu Reaves as more than just a ‘dude’. Following up their excellent erotic crime thriller Bound, The Wachowski’s delivered a smart, action packed and visually stunning ride that was nearly perfect in it’s set up and execution. It also introduced the concept of bullet time to the world, an innovation that is still used today.   The fact that the film two sequels (so far) failed to deliver on this promise is probably more a sign of just how unique and perfect The Matrix was. Be it Agent Smith, red or blue pills, bullet time or deja vu… The Matrix ended the 90’s on a unique and original note that would be copied by many films but really ( if ever) bettered.

Best Bit: Bullet time

Buy, Stream, Avoid: Buy – an essential 90’s film

If You Liked this Try: The Matrix Resurrections, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions 

9 out of 10 stars



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