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Phil’s 5 + 5 Best Films of 2021 (Updated)

And that’s it.  Another year in the rear view mirror and another reason to take a look back at the BEST, WORST and, well, others of 2021.  So here it is… my pick of the Best Films of 2021.



Film of The Year #1: Dune

In Brief: Visually stunning this sci-fi epic from director Denis Villeneuve reminded us what cinema COULD be in 2021.  It may have only been Part 1 but this masterful slice of sci-fi cinema was truly outstanding.


2. Nobody

In Brief:  Hell few films of 2021 got even close to being as fun as Nobody was.  It takes the standard John Wick style revenge formula and throws in a load of fun, silliness and action you actually care about (and can see).   Perfect?  Nope but perfectly good fun?  For sure.


3. Summer of Soul (…or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised)

In Brief: A film about a music festival no no remembers at the exact time when Woodstock was changing the world seems like an odd choice for one of my top 5 films of 2021 but truly this documentary is a brilliant look back at some of musics most enduring icons.


4. The Suicide Squad

In Brief: An actual R-rated superhero (!) film that was a sequel/reboot to a film few people cared about in a universe that, to date, has given nothing to really love.  Seems odd right?  But then you factor in James Gunn and it all starts to make sense…


5. Val

In Brief: For his entire career Val Kilmer has been filming himself.  Behind the scenes , on set, between films, trying to get projects off the ground… and now when he has no voice of his own he looks back at his life through the lens of what was .  Val is truly unlike any film I’ve seen.  Bonus points for added Top Gun footage!


And then there was 6-10 (*and a few near misses!)…


6. Spider-man: No Way Home – Best Marvel film since Endgame sees a whole load of things we cant talk about happen.  Such a great film and proves why Spider-man is the best character in the MCU.


7. Cruella – A prequel that no one really wanted turned out being one of the best films of 2021. Charming, funny and gorgeous to look at with a killer soundtrack.


8. Tick Tick Boom – Andrew Garfield delivers one of THE performance of 2021 in this charming, funny and highly original musical by Lin Manuel Miranda.


9. The Many Saints Of Newark – Another prequel, this time to what is the best TV series of all time, delivered the goods as well as smartly referencing the show that spawned it. Maybe not to everyone’s tastes but I really enjoyed it.

10. The Map of Tiny Perfect Things – A time travel romance/comedy that is unlike pretty much any time travel romance/comedy that has come before.


Additional MUST See of 2021: Palm Springs (Released in 2021 in the UK.  NOT 2020) 
Okay so I screwed up and put this on 2020’s list but this DESERVES to be here.   A brilliantly quirky sci-fi time travel comedy that never does what you expect.  Great film.

Bubbling Under:  No Time To Die, The Mitchells vs the Machines, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, A Quiet Place: Part II, In The Heights, Four Hours In The Capitol, Judas and the Black Messiah, Run Hide Fight, Cop Shop, Fear Street Trilogy, Titane,  Venom: Let There Be Carnage,  Last Night In Soho



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