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Chucky (Season 1) – A Quick Capsule TV Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
From reboots, to pivots and belated sequels Childs Play has been one of the most enduring and consistent of all of the 80’s horror franchises.  Now arriving on TV, Chucky smartly manages to open itself up to a whole new audience whilst still appealing to its existing fan base and staying true to its quirky horror comedy roots.  Best of all, whilst the 2019’s reboot featured the always excellent Mark Hamill in titular role of the killer doll, this series sees the much welcome return of horror icon Brad Dourif as the murderous Chucky. Dourif IS Chucky and he obviously relishes being back in the role.  It may be a little inside baseball at times for those new to the franchise but you are never far away from a fun kill or gory FX moment so I’m pretty sure that won’t hinder it TOO much. In short: Chucky is a bloody good time – a warped, knowing and funny slide of horror TV.

Best Bit: Bringing together the years of Child’s Play mythos.

Binge, Watch, Skip: Watch

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8 out of 10 stars



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