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Day Of The Dead (1985) – A ’31 Films Of Halloween’ Quick Capsule Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
Not a popular opinion but whilst Dawn Of The Dead is probably a better film, Day Of The Dead has always been my favourite Romero Zombie film.  Why?  Well for starters you wont find a more nihilistic, bleak and, probably honest, portrayal of what life would really be like in a Zombie apocalypse outside maybe The Road.  Secondly this is when Zombie films really started to double down on the gore… ripped insides, torn flesh, eaten fingers… Tom Savini really lets rip here.  So to speak.  Yes for sure you can criticise the acting or bare bone script but that’s missing the point.  This is 80’s horror… no HORROR… at its bets and most pure. Romero was never better.

Best Bit: Choke On ‘Em

Buy, Stream, Avoid: Buy

If You Liked this Try: Dawn Of The Dead, Night of The Living Dead, Dawn Of The Dead (2004), The Road

9 out of 10 stars



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