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Deadly Mile High Club (2020) – A Quick Capsule Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
Sometimes a film arrives that is so… unique… that it almost transcends critique.  Think Sharknado or Lavalantula or even  ZomBeavers. Well we can now add Deadly Mile High Club to that list as well a, urm, plane crash of a lifetime movie that manages to be both horridly bad yet brilliantly entertaining.  Its Fatal Attraction with planes as an obsessed, deranged flight instructor falls in love with a handsome student and then tries to destroy the people in his life to make him fall in love with her. The acting is terrible, the flying sequences cheap in way that would make some 80’s action films look like a Fast & Furious film and the script barely a first draft.  Yet I loved every second of it.  But be warned… its also terrible.  Forcing loved ones to watch this WILL end relationships.  Keep this as a dirty secret and watch alone…

Best Bit: The whole film is a level of surrealist genius that I just cant comprehend

Buy, Stream, Avoid: Stream. Avoid. Buy. ALL OF THEM

If You Liked this Try: Sharknado, Lavalantula, ZomBeavers, Fatal Attraction 

10 out of 10 stars (Yes 11)


Phil Hobden

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