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Podcast: Ross And Phil Talk… Back To The Cinema – Saws, Rabbits and Rain!

Podcast Alert! On this episode of the podcast we talk about the cinema.  Yes the actual cinema, having both made our long awaited returns to big screen watching.  We also catch up on the latest Zack Snyder film Army of The Dead and it’s fair to say we have different opinions.  Ross also improves the Bond franchise by adding “Fucking”.

Hosted by Award winning filmmaker Ross Boyask and blogger/writer/failed former filmmaker Phil Hobden.

Discussed: Spiral: From The Book of Saw, Army of The Dead, Those Who Wish Me Dead, Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway, Saw, True Romance, Goldfinger, Cutthroat Island, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Suicide Squad, Singing In The Rain, The Unholy

For more on Ross Boyask search @RossBoyask on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Also check out @EvoFilmsUK online.

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Ross And Phil Talk Movies... two friends, filmmakers (well former in Phil's case) coming together to make one awesome podcast.

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