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Mare of Easttown (2021)- A Quick Capsule TV Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
For a long time now HBO has been the byword in great television. But keeping that up is hard – they her to keep innovating, getting bigger stars involved, delivering that excellence we now expect.   And whilst Mare of Easttown may JUST fall short of that, it’s still a bloody great limited run drama from HBO that once again keeps us guessing until the end with plenty of shocks and surprises along the way. But for all the story twists, interesting cheaters and hidden motivations this is Winslet’s show and she is, as you would expect, excellent as the flawed but dedicated cop with a troubled past (don’t they all these days).  Expect suitable awards when the next round pops up. Mare of Easttown never outstays its welcome, maintains a consistent pace and tone and pulls all the right strings at the right time.  Highly recommended.

Best Bit: Winslet delivers big time.

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8 out of 10 stars


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