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Happy Top Gun Day!

Yup what is probably the greatest film ever (okay well one of the top 2 IMHO) has it’s own day and that is officially today!  Happy #TopGunDay world!

Not heard of Top Gun? Firstly where the hell have you been all your life!  Secondly… here’s a catch up.  Top Gun is a classic slice of 80’s action film, directed by the much missed Tony Scott.  It  gave Tom Cruise one of his most memorable roles and has been a staple of debates ever since (See Tarantino’s infamous Top Gun Gay scene).  Full of quote-able one liners (“This is what I call a target-rich environment.”) and the best arial combat ever committed to screen, Top Gun is a classic.

Okay most people don’t think so.  But I do.

The Top Gun Naval Fighter Weapons School is where the best of the best train to refine their elite flying skills. When hotshot fighter pilot Maverick (Tom Cruise) is sent to the school, his reckless attitude and cocky demeanour put him at odds with the other pilots, especially the cool and collected Iceman (Val Kilmer). But Maverick isn’t only competing to be the top fighter pilot, he’s also fighting for the attention of his beautiful flight instructor, Charlotte Blackwood (Kelly McGillis).


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