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Paintball Massacre (2021) – A Quick Capsule Review

Julian’s  Quick Capsule Review:
Paintball Massacre the feature debut from Darren Berry, an independent British horror slasher film that does a pretty good job with its obviously limited resources.  The real win here is, unusually for this genre,  the film develops characters you actually care about – even if that ‘care’ is about how quickly they die!  Combine this with some gruesome kills, a great cast (comedian Katy Brand, STEPS singer Lee Latchford-Evans & Hellraiser star Nicolas Vince to name but three) and a suitably tense atmosphere all help you to look past the compromises and there’ an obvious love and understanding of the genre which will widen it’s appeal to horror fans!  Well worth a watch.

Best Bit: Deaths!

Buy, Stream, Avoid: Stream

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6 out of 10 stars


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