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Jurassic World (2015) – A Rewatched Quick Capsule Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
So the best film ever made? No.  Not even the best film made about CGI dinosaurs. In the 2015 summer of hyper, critical love and box office smashes, Jurassic World did what it needed to do and returns all the same thrills you’ve seen in the last 20+ years of Jurassic sequels since Spielberg delivered his game changing Jurassic Park. But that’s kinda the problem.  Jurassic World does little new, little interesting or little standout.  The CGI is good as you’d expect, the script at times poor and the actors exist only to move you to the next CGI set piece.  It feels at times like a computer game being played that you get to watch.  That said it’s stood up much better as the years have passed and continues to be watchable.

Best Bit: T Rex vs Uber Dinosaur

Buy, Stream, Avoid: Stream

If You Liked this Try: Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park 2, Jurassic Park 3

7 out of 10 stars


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