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Phil’s 5 + 5 Worst Films of 2020

So 2020 is almost over (and thankfully so) and it’s that time a year again where everyone reflects back on their best and worst films of the year.  So first up… the 10 WORST films of 2020 (with a few honourable mentions!).

And, as always, there were more than a few to choose from..


Stinker of the Year (2020): Artemis Fowl

In Brief: In a year when Dolittle was released it’s a testament to just how bad Artemis Foul is that it takes top spot.  A big budget mess, I’m just glad I didn’t pay for it.


2. Dolittle

In Brief: Speaking of Dolittle… a film I thought would not be topped for Turd Of The Year ended up being not the worst film fo 2020.  Amazing.


3. Hard Kill 

In Brief: Bruce Willis phones it in, in a film that has neither the story, action chops or maybe despite to be any better. A total waste of time.


4. Clownado

In Brief: I kinda asked for this one to be honest.  Clever title, shit film.


5. Black Water Abyss

In Brief: Making a giant killer Croc movie this bad almost takes talent.  Come on people it’s a Croc. Whose giant. Killing people. It doesn’t get more of a guarantee in my book than that.

And then there was 6-10 (and a few dishonourable mentions)…


6. The Lie – This was not a good year for Blumhouse… with several duff films on my list.  Nice idea but very badly done.


7. Cut Throat CityNew Jack City this was not.  Think of an urban crime cliche and I can almost guarantee it’s included here.


8. The Tax Collector – The thing is there is a good film in the Tax Collector. They just couldn’t find it.  Also what kinda year is it when Shia Labeouf is not the worst thing in a film.


9. Bloodshot – In a year lacking in superhero films Bloodshot could have been our saviour.  In fit it ended up being a steaming pile of Vin Diesel.


10. You Should Have Left  – The lounge? The cinema? the pitch meeting when this was green lighted? Pretty much all of the above.


Dis-Honourable Mentions:  In The Line Of Duty, The New Mutants, Countdown, Arkansas, The Old Guard, After Midnight, The Rhythm Section, Fantasy Island, Richard Jewell, Spenser Confidential, Scoob!, Force Of Nature, Tenet, The Secret Garden 


The 2019 Films I just couldn’t Finish: VHYEs, She Dies Tomorrow, 2067





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