21 Bridges (2019) – A Quick Capsule Review

21 Bridges (2019) – A Quick Capsule Review

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Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
If 21 Bridges had been made in the late 2000’s it would have been directed by Tony Scott, starred Denzel Washington and probably with music by Hans Zimmer.  Alas this is a film out of time, and its impact is lessened because of that.  There’s still lots to enjoy here but 21 Bridges is never afraid of being obvious (Oh look character keeps going off to make a ‘Phone Call’) and by the time the epilogue rolls around, it’s all a bit predictable and played out.  So essential no? But you fancy an old school 2000’s vibe?  Just imagine Denzel is the lead and 21 Bridges will deliver…

Best Bit: The first shoot out

Cinema, Stream, Avoid: Stream

If You Liked this Try: Talking of Pelham 123, Unstoppable, Safe House


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Phil’s Top 5… Underrated Film Directors

Phil’s Top 5… Underrated Film Directors

Other Cr*p Top 5

Each week Phil, from Phil’s Quick Capsule Review, takes a look at a different movie or TV related Top Five.  This time out: My top 5 Underrated Directors!


Close but no cigar: Isaac Florentine, Richard Donner, Neveldine/Taylor


5 – Don Siegel
Without Siegel modern cinema would look very different.  From the reboot of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers to an Elvis musical through to a John Wayne western and of course Dirty Harry.  


4 -George Miller
Mad Max director Miller doesn’t get much love for his non Mad Max films, but he’s a talented director who has could flip from hardcore action to kids fantasy with ease.  


3 – Martin Campbell
The man who twice reinvented the Bond franchise with Casino Royale & Goldeneye, Campbell is adept at high qulaity action on a relatively modest budget.  


2 – Joel Schumacher
Yes he made Batman & Robin but aside from his Batman franchise killing, he’s also made some excellent films.   From The Lost Boys to Phone Booth and A Time To Kill, Schumacher when focused can deliver top notch thriller.


1 – Tony Scott
From Top Gun to True Romance, from Enemy of The State to Unstoppable Scott was and remains one of my favourite directors.  Sadly no longer with us, Scott delivered top quality blockbusters like no other.



Phil’s Top 5… Tony Scott Films

Phil’s Top 5… Tony Scott Films

Other Cr*p Top 5

Each week Phil, from Phil’s Quick Capsule Review, takes a look at a different movie or TV related Top Five.  This time out: Tony Scott films.

Close but no cigar: The Hunger, Beverly Hills Cop 2, Unstoppable, Enemy of The State


5 – Crimson Tide
When Tony Scott did a Ridley Scott film.  Crimson Tide, with a script polished by Tarantino and a tour de-force showdown between Washington and Hackman, is a much underrated film.  Add in Scott regular Gandolfini and you have one of the best action thrillers of the decade.

4 – Man On Fire
From a career best performance by newcomer Dakota Fanning to a new hard edge action man Denzel Washington, Man Of fire is Commando for grown ups.  Super violent, a great script and pin sharp direction.

3 – The Last Boy Scout
A sharp Shane Black script, Bruce Willis on top form and the trademark moody visuals and uber violence, The Last Boy Scout gets better every time I watch it.

2 – Top Gun
Okay not everyone’s cup of tea for sure but Top Gun defined my youth.  It still has one of the definitive film soundtracks, the aerial combat scenes are unmatched years on and it’s an adrenaline ride of style over substance.  

1 – True Romance
Simply put THE best Tarantino script and possibly one of best films Tarantino has been involved in (yes I probably do rate this above almost all his films).  Tony Scott brings style, a grade A cast and a great soundtrack to the uber violent love film.