Wild Things (1998) – A Rewatched Quick Capsule Review

Wild Things (1998) – A Rewatched Quick Capsule Review

Quick Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
I may take a lot of slack for this one but I honestly believe Wild Things is somewhat of a forgotten classic of the 90’s.  Okay ‘classic’ may be a little keen but hear me out because Wild Things is a genuinely fun, entertaining and surprising thriller that is much more than it’s often cited sex scenes (which today seem very tame). Yes its cheesy, yes is tacky and yes it’s silly but that’s all kinda part of the charm isn’t it?  The cast know it, the director knows it and the audience sure as hell know it.  The biggest surprise rewatching this years later was that Bill Murray features in a pretty key role.  Who remembered that? Look Wild Things won’t appeal to everyone but it’s a damn fun, unpretentious film.

Best Bit: Bill Murray

Worth Rewatching: Yes

If You Liked this Try: Basic Instinct, Cruel Intentions, Showgirls


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