Review: Transformers (Cinema)

Review: Transformers (Cinema)

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Phil’s Quick capsule Review:
OMG! It’s not only a great film, with real heart and soul… it’s also directed by that hack Michael Bay!

The Hollywood Exec Pitch:
It’s about robots. That like Transform. Geeks will love it!

The Good:
This is a wet dream of a movie. Everything you wanted from a Trasnformers movies and MUCH More. This film makes me forgive Bay for Pearl Harbour. Yes it’s THAT GOOD!

I love the characters in this film… they just work. Even Anthony Anderson and John Turturro (who could have been really annoying) come in the right side of OTT. Just. But special credit to leads Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox who make sure the film is grounded in a believable relationship, no matter what chaos is happening around.

I watched this on a region 1 import, upscaled through a Panasonic DVD player and the film looked AMAZING. And not just the effects (which on DVD seem almost flawless) but the colour, feel and mood of the movie. This was one of the BEST upscaled DVD’s I have ever watched so I can only imagine how good the HD-DVD version looks.

Top marks also to Bay for getting Peter Cullen back as Prime lending a familiar voice to the robot hero.

FX are perfect. The sound is amazing. Fuck this film is just AWESOME!

The Bad:
Okay, so the robots are over designed. The beauty of the TV show was in the simplicity of each robot, they each had personality, a look and most importantly stood out from each other. Here they get lost in their similar and highly over complex designs. They just don’t work as well as they could.

It’s a shame that you only really appreciate this movie on DVD. In the cinema it was too much, too quick and too fast. A typical Michael Bay movie but thankfully off the big screen this film works a treat.

The Ugly:
The story. About the Cube or All Spark. Which makes NO SENSE. Even to a child.

Worth Watching For:
The final robot smack down. It’s simply amazing!

Watch Instead: Transformers: The Movie (4/10)