El Camino : A Breaking Bad Movie (2019) – A Quick Capsule Review

El Camino : A Breaking Bad Movie (2019) – A Quick Capsule Review

Quick Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
El Camino : A Breaking Bad Movie picks up seconds after the end of the much loved TV series.  Yup the cast have aged somewhat but that’s suspicion of disbelief aside there’s a lot to enjoy here.  Was it an essential addition to the near perfect TV show? No. In fact if you never watched El Camino you’d not be missing that much BUT if you want some serious fan service and a bow tied around the end of the show once and for all then this is the film for you.  It’s got cameos, call backs as well as a few surprises along the way and all in all it’s great fun.  One for the fans.

Best Bit: THAT cameo.  Oh and Forster’s last movie role.

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Review: Clear History (HBO/TV)

Review: Clear History (HBO/TV)


The Review: Larry David co-writes and stars in this oddly-titled made-for-TV-movies which, for all intents and purpose, may as well just be Curb Your Enthusiasm: the Movie. David plays a marketing guy at a car company who jumps ship, protesting against the proposed name of their new model, and taking his share in the company with him. Almost the next day, everyone associated with the company become billionaires, and David – recoiling from his shitty decision – elopes to a little island in Quietsville, USA, to live the life of cosy impoverishment, looking after an elderly woman. When his former partner returns to build a gigantic mansion, his new identity is threatened, and so he hatches a plan to demolish the guy’s house out of resentment.

Yeah, sounds a bit naff, doesn’t it? In truth, it is – David’s not know for his awesome movies (the similarly themed Sour Grapes – oh, and does anyone remember “Envy” from a few years ago? Natch) but “Clear History” actually gets better as the running time passes. The really annoying thing is that this title has absolutely no correlation to the movie. It’s nothing to do with computers. It’s nothing, really, to do with the past. It doesn’t even work on a notional, vague level. I think the title was imposed on David by Fox. Want more proof? Check this link out: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2279864/

There are a number of cute laughs once you’ve resigned yourself to the imbecilic nature of the script. JB Smoove of course pops up as, well, Marlon from Curb. Kate Hudson, Michael Keaton and John Hamm all appear and are very good in their limited roles. But the problem here is that Larry is set to “Curb”, which is bad enough when Larry David LOOKS like Larry David. It’s hard to shake off at times. But, as far as dippy, lightweight fair goes, you could do a lot worse. It’s fun, unremarkable and not a great deal else.

The good giggles are in the second act. Give us a new season of Curb, you bald old fool, and leave the film making to the film makers!

Reviewed By: Andrew MacKay

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