Phil’s Top 5… Movie Trilogies

Phil’s Top 5… Movie Trilogies

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Each week Phil, from Phil’s Quick Capsule Review, takes a look at a different movie or TV related Top Five.  This time out: Movie Trilogies

For most a sequel is an unwanted thing.  And rightly so, after all most can be let downs and for every Godfather 2 there is an Independence Day Resurrection.  However their are also some great sequels and in fact some great threequels out their. This week I take a look at the best movie trilogies (and no the Matrix is NOT included).



Close But No Cigar: Bourne Trilogy, The Indiana Jones Trilogy, Evil Dead, The Godfather Trilogy, Die Hard, Mad Max 


5. Lord Of The Rings Trilogy (The Fellowship of the Ring,The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King)

It’s no mean feat, adapting a multi-tome epic source novel over nearly 5 years with a cast and crew almostly permanently relocated to New Zealand by a director best known for low budget shlock films.  But man did Peter Jackson pull it off.  Epic does not even come CLOSE to describing the Rings trilogy (and the multiple endings of Return Of The King for that matter) but even now, over 10 years after it all finished, they still stand out as some of the best films of the last few decades.


4. Back To The Future Trilogy 

There may be technically better films out their for sure, but the story of Marty McFly which spans over a hundred years, is everything that is right with how blockbuster films should be.  It defined a career for Michael J Fox, allowed my fascination with Elisabeth Shue to continue and gave us the iconic Doc Brown.  “What the hell’s a gigawatt?”.  Indeed.


3. Aliens Trilogy (Alien, Aliens, Alien 3)

It’s a testament to just how good the first two films are that you almost ignore the fact that Part 3 is considered by most to be a disappointment. Thing is… it’s not. In fact Alien 3 is probably my second favourite of the whole trilogy (just under Aliens and just above Alien).    Okay yes I’m mad but still!  The key point here is just how good the first two films are, with both rating as best of their genre (Sci-fi and Sci-Fi Action).   And trust me… whilst it’s FX’s are dated, try alien 3 Directors cut again. You MAY be pleasantly surprised.


2. Toy Story

Toy Story not only defined a genre, it also redefined how animation was done for ever.  It’s groundbreaking and things would never be the same again.  Yet at it’s heart of every one of the films is a great story, expertly told and brilliantly voiced.  Pretty much perfect.


1. Star Wars (A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return Of The Jedi) 

The trilogy that defined my childhood, that ignited my love with film and that left me playing in my room with 3″ plastic toys for years to come.  Ageless (in it’s original form, not the horrid CGI remasters), this is epic storytelling, grandstanding action and odd plot twists at their best.  Iconic.





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Phil’s Top 5… Three-quels

Phil’s Top 5… Three-quels

Other Cr*p Top 5

Each week Phil, from Phil’s Quick Capsule Review, takes a look at a different movie or TV related Top Five.  This time out: Three-quels!


Close but no cigar: Die Hard With A Vengeance, Mission Impossible 3,Back To The Future Part 3, Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkaban, The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King


5 – Army Of Darkness
Army of Darkness is amazing.  It’s camp, silly, funny… it was and still is everything I wanted from a sequel to Evil Dead 2!


4 – Star Wars VI:  Return of The Jedi
Yes it has Ewoks.  But it also has great plot twists, epic space battles and a note perfect conclusion to one of the best trilogies of all time.


3 – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
Most people forget this was part of a trilogy but the man with no name rode out one last time in what is the bets of the series for many.


2 – Goldfinger
Still seen as the quintessential Bond film by many, Goldfinger set the bar and the format for all Bond films that followed.  Connery defines cool.  


1 – Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3 made me cry on several occasions.  It’s a charming, heart breaking and emotionally strong film that deserves it’s place here as the best threequel of all time.



Blog: Grosse Point Geek – The Top Ten Most Under Appreciated Movie Villains

Blog: Grosse Point Geek – The Top Ten Most Under Appreciated Movie Villains

A Blog Grosse Point Geek Uncategorized

When I think of bad guy’s in films  – a huge list of well known motley criminals springs to mind – notable examples would include: Palpatine, Zod, Khan, Loki, Vader, The Joker etc.

However  there are a great number of film nasties out there that  almost never get mentioned in any top ten list  – so to put right this extreme injustice , I have compiled the following list of the top ten most under appreciated  movie villains.

Read on:

* * * * *


1.The Last Boy Scout (1991)

Villain: Milo

Played by: Taylor Negron

Memorable one liner “I am the bad guy”

Evil doings: Swearing a lot, kidnap, threatening various sportsmen, opening fire on an entire football crowd, being very smug, having a bad hair cut.

Comeuppance: Smacked about  by Bruce Willis, shot multiple times with a machine gun, then falls into the rotor blades of a nearby helicopter.

Deserving of Fate: Absolutely

 * * * * *

2.Dune (1984)

Villain: Baron Vladimir Harkonnen

Played by: Kenneth McMillan

Memorable one liner: “just a little bit of spittle”

Evil doings: Trying to take over the galaxy, being a bit too turned on when murdering innocent looking young men, spitting on Francesca Annis, having horrible pustule ridden skin, drooling, manically laughing a lot.

Comeuppance: Stabbed by Paul Antredes’ weird sister with a poisoned  needle

Deserving of Fate? Yep – but should have suffered a damn sight more.

* * * * *


3.The Empire Strikes Back (1981) and Return of The Jedi (1983)

Villain: Boba Fett

Played By: Jeremy Bulloch

Memorable one liner: “What if he dies? – he’s worth a lot to me”

Evil doings: Being a ruthless bounty hunter, bottomless greed, standing by whilst Han Solo is encased in carbonite, having a spaceship that looks like a flying steam iron.

Comeuppance? Falls screaming into the gaping maw of the Sarlaac on Tattooine

Deserving of fate? Don’t be ridiculous! – Fett is one of the coolest  characters in the entire trilogy –rightly should have lived or at least had a lot more screen time!.

* * * * *

4. Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom (1984)

Villain: Mola Ram

Played By: Amrish Puri

Memorable one liner “You- don’t -believe me? You will….Dr Jones – you will become a true Believerrrrr”

Evil doings: Human sacrifice, ripping out peoples hearts, worshipping Kali, slavery, cackling, extremely poor workplace health and safety.

Fate? Beaten to a pulp by Harrison Ford, then plummets to his doom and devoured by hungry crocodiles.

Did he deserve it? Certainly

* * * * *


5. Missing In Action 2: The Beginning (1985)

Villain: Colonel Yin

Played By: Soon Tek Oh

Evil doings: Torture, murder, running a Vietnamese POW camp with little or no  regard for his guests personal hygiene.

Memorable one liner: “You lose”

Fate: Given a right shoeing by Chuck Norris.

Did he deserve it? Come on – he’s a villain in a Chuck Norris film – they all deserve it!

* * * * *

6: Commando  (1985)

Villain: Bennett

Played By: Vernon Wells

Evil doings: Child kidnap, killing off various ex special forces guys, bad acting, being a bit camp by wearing both leather trousers and chainmail.

Memorable one liner: “You know what today is Matrix?………..Payday”

Fate: Skewered with a steam pipe by Arnie

Did he deserve it? Yes and no  – his motivation for evil seems to stem from the fact that Schwarzenegger’s John Matrix unjustly kicked him out of his elite special forces unit –as everyone is aware – unemployment can be a right pain if you’ve got bills to pay.


* * * * *


7: Pulp Fiction (1994)

Villains: Zed and Maynard

Played by Peter Greene and Duane Whittaker

Evil Doings: Male Rape, kidnap, extreme perversion, liking country music.

Memorable one liners: “I guess that means you big boy”

Fate: Maynard is sliced across the chest then impaled by a samurai sword wielding Bruce Willis. However the fate of Zed is unclear – although the threat from Ving Rhames’ Marcellus Wallace to “get medieval” on him using a pair of pliars and a blowtorch speaksvolumes.

Did they deserve it? Dear God yes
* * * * *

8. The Lord Of The Rings: The Return of The King

Villain: The Witch King Of Angmar

Played by Laurence Makoare

Evil Doings: Mercilessly try’s to kill Frodo on Weathertop, then goes about attempting to enslave the whole of Middle  Earth for Sauron.

Memorable one liners: ”Feed on his flesh!”

Fate: Stabbed in the leg by Merry, then takes a well placed sword to the face from Eowyn – then disintegrates.

Did he deserve it? Without doubt
* * * * *

9. Rocky 3

Villain: Clubber Lang

Played by Mr T

Evil Doings: making ungentlemanly suggestions to Rocky’s wife, publically threatening Apollo Creed (“hey boy!”),  throwing Rocky the beating of his life, giving Mickey a fatal heart attack, having dangling feather earrings.

Memorable one liners: “no I don’t hate the man – but I pity the fool”

Fate: Knocked out by Rocky in the films climactic boxing bout

Did he deserve it: Yes – a lot.

* * * * *


10.Film: Escape To Victory

Villain: The Match Referee

Played By: unknown, unlisted actor.

Memorable one liner: none – unless you count any pathetic off camera excuses for disallowing a perfectly good goal by the allies that would have won them the game – sound familiar?

Evil doings: Blatantly being biased towards the Nazi team, ignoring obvious fouls on the opposition, awarding unjust penalties and being the inspiration for football referees the world over  – especially those who officiated over various future England World Cup games.

Comeuppance: unknown – however a one would hope that his post match reward was a trip to the nearest Nazi POW camp.

Deserving of fate? Probably


Author: Will Strong