Red Sparrow (2018)- A Quick Capsule Review

Red Sparrow (2018)- A Quick Capsule Review

Quick Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
Red Sparrow commits one of cinemas biggest crimes – being both dull and needlessly long.  Yup this spy thriller (oddly set in modern times but feeling very much out of place) just does little with it’s solid cast, delivering a story we’ve seen a million times before (and better) alongside some dull cinematography and some very perfunctory dialogue.  It’s a shame but as her career progresses Lawrence has done little to justify her early praise and here, once again, she gives her now standard detached performance which makes her character almost impossible to like, making a slow film feel even longer.

Best Bit: Spy school

Buy, Stream, Avoid: Avoid

If You Liked this Try: Terminal, Atomic Blonde, Winters Bone


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Podcast: Ross And Phil Talk… Films They Have Watched Vol. 2

Podcast: Ross And Phil Talk… Films They Have Watched Vol. 2

Ross and Phil Talk Movies The Podcasts

On this episode of the podcast we talk about the films (and TV shows) we have watched over the past month or so.  Quick fire reviews and movie chat ensues.

Hosted by Award winning filmmaker Ross Boyask and blogger/writer/failed filmamker Phil Hobden.

Films Discussed: Revenge, The Expanse, Cobra Kai, Lost In Space, Luke Cage, Daredevil, The Punisher, The Cured, Andre The Giant, Don’t Kill It, Deep Blue Sea 2, Den Of Thieves, A Quiet Place, Black Weapon, The Perfect Weapon, American Ninja, Universal Solider Day Of Reckoning, Riot, The Greatest Showman, Game Night, Supercon, Sanatarium, Accident Man, Terminal, Payback, Alien 3, Nailed It, Colony

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Podcast: The Smoking Lamb # 100  – Terminal & Hurricane Heist

Podcast: The Smoking Lamb # 100 – Terminal & Hurricane Heist

The Podcasts The Smoking Lamb Podcast Top 5

It’s The Smoking Lamb Movie Podcast. A weekly, no-holds-baa-aa-arred, and R-rated look at the world of movies.

For our 100th episode, The Smoking Lamb pulls out all the stops! This week we take a look at the biggest, most prestigious films currently on release with Hurricane Heist and  Terminal! But never mind because Mike and Steve are on cracking form and also deliver a Top Five featuring films about assassins.

Check it out and BLEAT THE WORLD and don’t forget to follow up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Terminal (2018) – A Quick Capsule Review

Terminal (2018) – A Quick Capsule Review

Quick Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
Terminal is one hell of a showcase for Margot Robbie, a neo-noir that is visually striking and with one of the most insane last fifteen minutes of any film i’ve seen this year. It’s just a shame that overall the film is so uneven, with twists and turns so obvious that you guess them as soon as they are muted.  However Robbie is so gloriously over the top and the film some insane I actually ended up liking in because of it faults.  The support cast deliver (Dexter Fletcher and Simon Pegg especially) and the direction is bold.   So not everyone’s cup of tea for sure but go with it and there’s a lot to enjoy.

Best Bit: The last fifteen minutes

Buy, Stream, Avoid: Stream

If You Liked this Try: Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, Atomic Blonde, Suicide Squad



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