Star Trek: Picard Episode 1 (2020) – A Quick Capsule TV Review

Star Trek: Picard Episode 1 (2020) – A Quick Capsule TV Review

Quick Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
18 years after he last wore the uniform, Picard is back in a new 10 episode TV series.  Yup the one and only Patrick Stewart returns to his signature role and it feels like he’s never been away.  The first episode has some pretty heavy lifting involved – convincing us just why we should care about an older Picard especially one with no Enterpise-D (or crew).  Well… mixing in a heathy dose of nostalgia, some impressive action and a bucket load of mystery Picard succeeds and quickly promises to be a must watch TV series.   Stewart is superb (as you’d expect) and the support cast, which includes a notable ST:TNG cameo, don’t let the side down. A lot can happen over ten episodes but if Picard carries on like this I shall be very happy indeed.  Make it so…

Best Bit: Is that… Oh it is.  Okay WTF

Buy, Stream, Avoid: Stream (prime in UK)

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