Phil’s Best & Worst Films Of… The Decade (2010-2019)

Phil’s Best & Worst Films Of… The Decade (2010-2019)

Quick Review Year In Review

So this is a look back at all the films I gave the coveted Best & Worst awards each year to from the previous decade, as we look back at the previous 10 years of movies.  Have opinions changed?  Actually on a few… yes.

All in my very humble opinion…


BEST Films Of The Decade… (By Year)

2010 – The Social Network
2011 – Hugo 
2012 – Argo (Should have been: Skyfall)
2013 – Rush
2014 – The Wolf Of Wall Street
2015 – Whiplash (Should have been: Mad Max: Fury Road)
2016 – The Nice Guys (Should have been: Kubo And The Two Strings)
2017 – Baby Driver (Should have been: T2 Trainspotting)
2018 – Coco (Should have been TIED with: Mission Impossible: Fallout)
2019 – Joker

BEST FILM Of the Decade: Mad Max: Fury Road

Honourable Mentions:
American: the Bill Hicks Story, Senna, Skyfall, Zero Dark Thirty, Life Itself, Inside Out, Kubo And The Two Strings, T2 Trainspotting, Mission Impossible: Fallout


WORST Films Of The Decade… (By Year)

2010 – Skyline
2011 – Transformers 3: Dark Of The Moon
2012 – Ghost Rider 2: Spirit Of Vengeance
2013 – The Host
2014 – Transformers 4: Age Of Extinction 
2015 – Fifty Shades Of Grey
2016 – Point Break (2016)
2017 – Fifty Shades Darker
2018 – The Cloverfield Paradox (Should have been Holmes & Watson)
2019 – The Dead Don’t Die 

WORST FILM Of the Decade: Transformers 4: Age Of Extinction 


Dis-Honourable Mentions: 44 Inch Chest, Sucker Punch, Cold Light of Day, The Worlds End, Sex Tape, He Who Dares 2: Downing Street Down, Central Intelligence, Transformers The Last Knight, Fifty Shades Freed



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Beyond Skyline – A Quick Capsule Review

Beyond Skyline – A Quick Capsule Review

Quick Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
Beyond Skyline is better than the rather torrid Skyline.  But thats damming with faint praise because other than an damn impressive finale, the rest of Beyond Skyline is a real slog with little action, followable story or characters to care about.  Without the always dependable Frank Grillo and half the cast of The Raid this film would be almost unwatchable.

Best Bit: Grillo is excellent as always

Buy, Stream, Avoid: Avoid

If You Liked this Try: Skyline, The Raid,  Cloverfield

IMDB Rating: 


Author: Phil Hobden

Worst Film of 2010: Skyline

Worst Film of 2010: Skyline

Best & Worst Quick Review
Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
Skyline is every thing that is wrong with film making today. Great effects but piss poor plot, terrible acting and a pace that is on par with a dead snail. So bad you want to wind past, this is a real low point for 2010 cinema and should be avoided at almost all costs.
Best Bit: It’s less than 90 minutes. And I didn’t pay.
Rent, Borrow, Buy: None of the above. Shoplift maybe?
If you liked this try: District 9 (8/10); Independence Day (5/10); V 2009 (5/10)

IMDB Rating: