Blog: Sin City A Dame To Kill for – A Quick Capsule Review

Quick Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
Sin City A Dame To Kill for wasn’t a film I as looking forward to.  Whilst I liked and positively reviewed the original I have ZERO interest in rewatching it and Millers follow up The Spirit was horrid. Oh and Rodriguez has forgotten how to make a good film. So It’s with surprise that I say SC: ADTKF is actually quite good fun.  It’s still style over substance for sure, but damn it looks pretty and for once it’s nice to see a film so strikingly different from the norm.  It still suffers from some odd pacing issues and Jessica Alba offers little in the realms of actual acting (pouting being her go to mode) but overall it’s a film I enjoyed.

Best Bit: The Look. 

Buy, Rent, Stream, Borrow: Rent

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Author: Phil Hobden