The Gentleman (2020) – A Quick Capsule Review

The Gentleman (2020) – A Quick Capsule Review

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Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
Okay so Guy Richie returning to familiar ground isn’t always a guarantee of success (See Revolver) but after years of playing in someone else’s sandpit, the British director’s return to the genre he helped revive, feels long overdue and very much welcome. The Gentleman won’t be for everyone – it drops it’s fair amount of C-bombs & violence alongside a cast that are dialing up the Ham to factor 15 – but for fans of the directors earlier works this is a rare treat.  What Richie has crafted here is an old school 18 rated UK crime film released in the cinema (something quite rare these days) with suave, swagger and style where the cast look like they are having the time of their lives (even if Matthew McConaughey is outclassing them all playing it dead straight). The Gentleman is funny when it needs to be, sharp when it wants to be and menacing when you least expect it. In short: I bloody loved it.  Special note to Hugh Grant who obviously is having the time of his life.

Best Bit:McConaughey playing it like he’s in an Oscar contender.

Cinema, Stream, Avoid: Cinema

If You Liked this Try: Snatch, RocknRolla, Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels 


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Phil’s Top 5… Underrated Films

Phil’s Top 5… Underrated Films

Other Cr*p Top 5

Each week Phil, from Phil’s Quick Capsule Review, takes a look at a different movie or TV related Top Five.  This time out: My Top 5 Underrated Films!


Close but no cigar: RocknRolla, Tank Girl, The Last Supper, The Brady Bunch Movie, T2 Trainspotting


5 – Layer Cake
Matthew Vaughn’s directorial debut is a stylish gangster thriller that retains some of the visuals of the Guy Richie films that inspired them but adds a dose of real life grit and depth.   Made Daniel Craig a star.

4 – Sunshine
Danny Boyle’s sci-fi feature was a flop on it’s release but rewatch it.  Go on.  It’s REALLY good.


3 – Children of Men
Children of Men is just brilliant.  A dark, brooding sci-fi thriller with stunning cinematography and exceptional direction.   Unlike any film of it’s era.


2 -Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Shane Black’s first directorial outing is brilliant fun featuring excellant off kilter  performances from Kilmer & Downey Jnr.


1 – Hudson Hawk
Considered to be the first of Willis big flops, Hudson Hawk is a mess.  It’s also great fun and hugely underrated. Yes it’s silly, yes it’s over the top BUT it’s also a film that you need to watch again.



Phil’s Best To Worst: Guy Richie Films

Phil’s Best To Worst: Guy Richie Films

Best... Other Cr*p

In our latest regular feature, coming out the first Friday of each month, Phil (of Phil’s Quick Capsule Review) breaks down a film related subject in order of his own personal enjoyment from Best To Worst.  This time out: Guy Richie Films! 


Best: Lock, Sock And Two Smoking Barrels

Lock, Stock is a near flawless film. It’s also one of the best film debut’s and one of the best British films ever made.  Yes it’s that good.  From Moran’s faultless Eddy to impressive debuts of Statham & Vinnie Jones.


2. Snatch

Whilst not QUITE hitting the highs of Lock, Stock Snatch is a fun slice of quotable British gangster fun.  Alan Ford is a real stand out, but it’s Brad Pitt that steals the show.


3. Rock N Rolla

Often forgotten in the pantheon of Guy Richie films, RockNRolla is good fun and a more mature gangster film than either Lock, Stock or Snatch.  Great cast, good script… shame we are still awaiting for the promised return nearly ten years later!


4. Sherlock Holmes

Robert Downey Jnr is a great Holmes, Jude Law gets his teeth into Watson and the set pieces are bold and silly.  I enjoyed this a lot.


5. The Man From U.N.C.L.E

Take the Sherlock Holmes vibe, mix in a mostly forgotten TV show and add a dash of two handsome leads and you have the messy but enjoyable Man From Uncle.


6. Sherlock Holmes : A Game Of Shadows

In hindsight this film wasn’t quite 7/10 I originally rated it.  On second viewing sadly it lost a lot and certainly is the lesser of Richie’s post gangster films.


7. King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword 

A hot mess of a film that can be both rushed and boring.  Think Lock, Stock and One Smoking Jude Law. Not a total bomb but also not great either


8. Revolver 

A Kabala influenced mess, Revolver is only for the hardcore Guy Richie fans.


Worst : Slipped Away 

I’m married to Madonna. Lets make a film with Madonna.  Oh.  She cant act. Awkward.