Redcon 1 – A Quick Capsule Review

Redcon 1 – A Quick Capsule Review

Quick Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
A film can fail but still be worth watching.  For me that’s Redcon-1  – a film very much the less of the sum of its parts that ultimately is undone by its scope being far greater than its budget.  It has a few nice moments but all the way through you see quite quickly that whilst it wants to be 28 Weeks Later meets The Raid, it’s more like a Devil’s Playground meets The Silencer (Look ’em up folks).  There’s talent on display here – Strange is very good at the action scenes- but the film can’t pull off its set pieces and scares as, at every moment, it just feels like there wasn’t enough money to make the scenes big or spectacular enough.  So Redcon-1 is worth streaming for the effort and vision alone but sadly in truth little else works.

Best Bit: It’s scope

Buy, Stream, Avoid: Stream (for effort)

If You Liked this Try: The Raid, 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later


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Phil’s Best & Worst 2018 Films.. The Final Edition (31st December 2018)

Phil’s Best & Worst 2018 Films.. The Final Edition (31st December 2018)

Quick Review Year In Review

So this is my semi-regularly updated of the BEST and WORST of the films from 2018 (2018 Films), as well as the best films I missed from last year and, of course, the Phil’s Quick Capsule Review Sharknado Award.

All in my very humble opinion…


BEST Films Of 2018… So Far:

  1. Coco
  2. Mission Impossible: Fallout
  3. I, Tonya
  4. A Quiet Place
  5. Mary Poppins Returns

Honourable Mentions:  Mandy, My Generation, Lady Bird, Revenge, Mollys Game,  Upgrade, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, You Were Never Really Here, Bumblebee, The Festival, Calibre, Avengers: Infinity War, Game Night, Black Panther, Ready Player One, Office Uprising, The Post, Bohemian Rhapsody


WORST Films Of 2018… So Far

  1. The Cloverfield Paradox
  2. Fifty Shaded Freed
  3. Annihilation
  4. A Wrinkle In Time
  5. Mile 22

Dis-Honourable Mentions: Gotti, The Spy Who Dumped Me,Red Sparrow, The Commuter, The Humanity Bureau, Renegades, Peter Rabbit, Ocean’s 8, Death Wish, Hellraiser: Judgement, Day Of The Dead : Bloodline, Godzilla: Planet Of The Monsters Part 1, Extinction, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Patient Zero, Isle Of Dogs, Tremors: A Cold Day In Hell, All The Money In The World, The First Purge, The Ballard Of Buster Scruggs, Redcon-1



The 2018 Sharknado Award for Films So Good (!) They Cant Be Rated:  

The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time


The 2018 Films I just couldn’t Finish…

Once Upon a Time in Venice

Great Films Of 2017 That I saw In 2018:

The Disaster Artist, The Babysitter, Mayhem, Icarus, The Greatest Showman, The Big Sick, LA 92, Better Watch Out


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Podcast: Ross And Phil Talk… Films They Have Watched Vol. 4

Podcast: Ross And Phil Talk… Films They Have Watched Vol. 4

Ross and Phil Talk Movies The Podcasts


On this episode of the podcast we talk about films they have watched recently. Yup it’s our fourth review round up show aka Phil finally caught up on all the films Ross saw last time out.

Hosted by Award winning filmmaker Ross Boyask and blogger/writer/failed filmmaker Phil Hobden.

Films Discussed: Mile 22, The Predator, Domino, The Happytime Murders, The Equalizer 2, Spectre, Gotti, Slice, Mandy, Truth Or Dare, Scream, Piranha 3DD, RedCon 1, The Apostle, Tales From The Hood, The Crow, Freddy Vs Jason, The Thing, Unfriended Dark Web, A Star Is Born, Searching, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald, Widows, Blindspotting, The Grinch, Overlord, The Spy Who Dumped Me, Bad Boys 2, Knocked Up

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