Phil’s Top 5… Great Films By Bad Directors

Phil’s Top 5… Great Films By Bad Directors

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Each week Phil, from Phil’s Quick Capsule Review, takes a look at a different movie or TV related Top Five.  This time out: Great Films By Bad Directors


Close but no cigar: Event Horizon (Paul W S Anderson), Donnie Darko (Richard Kelly), Independence Day (Roland Emmerich), Red Dragon (Brett Ratner) 


5 – The Rock (Michael Bay)
The Rock was great.  Bad Boys Was pretty good also to be fair.  But now, four Transformers films down there is no hope we will ever see a return to that earlier, raw and REAL action that was his trademark for so long.


4 – Death Wish (Michael Winner)
Death Wish was raw, dangerous and brutal. He ended up his career with Parting Shots.  


3 – Die Hard 2: Die Harder (Renny Harlin)
Die Hard 2 is ALMOST on par with the original.  Expanding the idea but still keeping in “real”, Harlin delivered a tight, tense and action packed sequel.   Cutthroat Island shortly followed.


2 – Sixth Sense (M Night Shyamalan)
A career making film that was never topped, Shyamalan tried to turn the twist ending into a hallmark and ended up making The Happening.


1 – Speed (Jan De Bont)
Jan De Bont blew the roof off with Speed, one of the BEST action films of the 90’s.  He then went on to make increasingly bad films, from Twister to, ugh, Speed 2.