HellBoy (2019): Review by Grosse Point Geek

HellBoy (2019): Review by Grosse Point Geek

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Plot In a Nutshell: After Guillermo Del Toro and Ron Perlman’s two adaptations of the Dark Horse/ Mike Migola demon superhero comic  we now have this reboot of the Hellboy film franchise  – this time Big Red is played by David Harbour (Stranger Things) and the director is Neil Marshall (The Descent). The plot involves the resurrection of the evil Blood Queen (Milla Jojovich) who threatens to unleash a deadly plague on the Earth  – that is unless Hellboy, his adopted father (Ian McShane) and the B.P.R.D can stop her first.

The Good: Its fairly watchable, Harbour does well as Hellboy,  McShane is his usual charismatic self, one or two of the set pieces are ok plus the design work and make up effects are very imaginative.

The Bad: Dear God where to start?  – With the exception of McShane, most of the supporting cast are terrible – the worst offenders being Daniel Dae Kim as a BPRD agent with an iffy Dick Van Dyke British accent and Milla Jojovich gurning for all her worth as the Blood Queen.

Its gets worse – the script seems to have been written by a 12 year old – all F bombs and juvenile humour  – with hardly one quip or funny line managing to raise more than a titter, the special effects are extremely poor and look cheap, its badly edited, overly loud,  a potentially interesting plot involving King Arthur is wasted and most of the action scenes are boring and generic.

Best Scene: The last 2 mins which to be fair is a well handled one take shoot out that sets things up for a sequel

Summary: A pointless reboot and a staggering disappointment which pales in comparison to Del Toro’s films  – made even worse by the fact that its directed by Neil Marshall – a superb film maker who gave us The Descent and Dog Soldiers and directed two of the best ever Game Of Thrones episodes (Black Water and The Watchers on The Wall). Yes ill admit David Harbour is good as HB but his performance doesn’t really distinguish itself in any way from Ron Perlman’s previous take on the character. Over all i have no idea why the studio decided to reboot this franchise as both Del Toro and Perlman have both said for years that they were happy to return for a third film and considering that Hellboy 1 and Helloy 2 did pretty well at the box office it beggars belief that no one took them up on their offer.




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Carrie (2013): A Quick Capsule Review

Carrie (2013): A Quick Capsule Review

Quick Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
It’s all a bit of been there, done that with the latest reimagining of a horror classic.  As they mostly seem to be.  The biggest problem however with Carrie (2013) is that the usually excellent Chloe Moretz is lost at sea, be it through poor direction or just bad casting and being that the film’s success or failure heavily rests on her shoulders, that is an issue.  Add in an collection of faceless could be anyone ‘teen’ support cast and your left with a film that does nothing new, and what it delivers isn’t a patch on what was made before.

Best Bit: It’s pretty short.

Rent, Borrow, Buy, Stream: Borrow

IMDB Rating: 

If you liked this try: Carrie (8/10); Evil Dead 2013 (8/10); Texas Chainsaw Remake (5/10)

One Sentence Reviews… Romero’s Zombies

One Sentence Reviews… Romero’s Zombies

This Month : George A Romero’s Zombie Movies (and remakes…)

One Sentence Review turns it’s attention to George A Romero movies (and remakes) for it’s latest ‘in a nut shell’ look at films.

Night of The Living Dead
Chilling – the original zombie horror hardly bettered since.

Dawn Of The Dead
Romero’s swipe at consumerism is still as shocking today as it was when it came out. It may have aged but this is still a master class filmmaking from the master of the genre…

Zombie: Dawn Of The Dead

Argento recut of Romero’s original see’ less story and more gore. Which is never a bad thing….

Day of The Dead
Most dystopian of all Romero’s films, ‘Day’ is a terrifying look at the last gasps of a crumbling society you aren’t sure deserves to live

Night of The Living Dead (1990)
Tom Savini directed retelling that is surprisingly ungory, adding little to the original.

Dawn Of The Dead (2004)
Top notch adrenaline fuelled remake that gets pretty much everything right. Romero take note!

Land Of The Dead
Lacklustre return to the genre for Romero that suffers from too many ideas and too little focus.


Diary Of The Dead
Romero’s worst film for years, Diary does nothing for the fans, the director or the genre. Massive letdown.


Day of The Dead (2008)

For those hoping for a modern Snider eek take on Day your hopes will be dashed by this dated, torrid pile of crap.


Survival of The Dead
I take it back, he could fall further. Yes Survival rates up there as one of the worst Zombie films ever.