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Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: A delightfully fun, retro affair by two directors at the top of their game. Rodriguez delivers yet another stand out film. The Hollywood Exec Pitch: Tarantino. Rodriguez. Total creative control. A hot cast. A shed load of cash. TWO movies for the price of one? AND added bits by Edgar Wright & Eli Roth. How could ... Read More »

Bourne Ultimatum

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:Damon delivers in the taught, exciting action packed delight. The Hollywood Exec Pitch:Matt Damon returns as memory shy Jason Bourne the unravel the final pieces of the puzzle that was his life. And have a fight. And another car chase.And another fight. The Good:The Bourne films have always been enigmas to me. From the impressive but slightly ... Read More »

Rush Hour 3

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:For me the worst blockbusters EVER include Catwoman, Batman & Robin, The Avengers, Phantom Menace. And now Rush Hour 3. Racist, unfunny, badly made tosh! And to think Tucker got over $20million for THIS! My IMDB Rating: 3/10 Rent Instead: Rush Hour, Police Story Read More »

Hills Have eyes 2

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: Better than Craven’s 80’s Eyes sequel but not as good as the remake which wasn’t as good as the original. Got that? My IMDB Rating: 5/10 Rent Instead: Hills Have Eyes (original!) or The Descent Read More »

Hannibal Rising

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:Ugh! Hannibal Rising reminds you of everything that is band about franchise movies. No sense, passion or style. My IMDB Rating: 2/10 Rent Instead: Anything. Seriously. Read More »

Ghost Rider

Phil’s Quick Casual Review:Flaming Pile Of Crap The Hollywood Exec Pitch:Nick Cage turns to flames. Random stuff happens. No story but Cage turns to flames and makes jokes about being ‘hot’. Oh did I mention the flames? The Good: Oddly when the story isn’t about the rather naff animated CGI head of Nick Cage (whose life’s dream it was to ... Read More »