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Expendables 2: A Quick Capsule Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: The Expendables 2 is a much better film that the first outing.  That’s not saying much I know but at least this time it feels like an action film.  Okay the tone is way off, the script terrible and the leads in need of a good coat of Ronseal to stop the creaking but that all aside there is a lot to ... Read More »

Uber-Quick Review: Human Centipede 2, Perfect Sense, Darkest Hour & Life In A Day

Human Centipede 2 (IMDB: 5/10)Uber-Quick Review: Urm… terrible, nasty, horrible film.  Oddly… I really enjoyed it.  Not for everyone but damn Six pushes the boundaries once again. Life In A Day (IMDB: 7/10)Uber-Quick Review: Facinating look at the world across one day.  A real snap shop of the good, the bad but alas little of the ugly from the world we live in. The Darkest Hour ... Read More »

The Dictator

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: Not Cohen’s finest moment (that still stands as Borat, at least on the big screen), but there’s a lot to like in his first ‘real’ film since the much ignored Ali G In The House.  It’s controversial, close to the mark and often funny when it hits but alas that isn’t as often as you would like. It wont be to everyone’s ... Read More »

We Bought A Zoo

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: Urm… how can I say this, this is actually really good.  Based on a true story but relocated to the USA with Matt Damon, We Bought A Zoo is a heart warming, emotionally charged and often funny story about a man finding himself and his family whilst working out how to run a zoo.  Obviously.  Damon is great, ... Read More »

Exclusive Review: G.B.H

Phil’s Not So Quick capsule Review: GBH is a powerful, well made, hard edged drama about the struggle to escape your past and do the right thing.  Set in London 2011, GBH tells the story of former terrace face turned copper Damien (Nick Nevern) whose shady past comes back to haunt him as tensions in the inner cities of downtrodden London ... Read More »

Monster Brawl

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: Dull, dull, dull.  Yes another great idea marred by the fact they forgot to make anything more than a very low rent sub 1980’s WWE knock off.  Hell they even go as far as hiring ex-manager Jimmy Hart and ex-wrtesler Kevin Nash to labour the point.  What you are left with is something that could have been an amazingly sharp ... Read More »


Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: Dull, dull, dull.  Yes that’s right hatchet does everything they think you want in a horror movie but without any of the wit, charm or talent that can make the difference between a genre defining classic like Friday 13th and this. Worth watching ONLY for the very impressive gore effects.  Otherwise… avoid.  Rent, Borrow, Buy, Stream: ... Read More »

God Bless America

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: Coming out just days before the The Dark Knight Rises premiere shooting, GBA offers a now haunting look at a man pushed to the edge by the pointlessness of society & the media.    It may not be as satirical as Natural Born Killers or as pointed as Falling Down but Goldthwait’s film is powerful, funny and hits home.  Even ... Read More »

The Tall Man

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: The Tall Man is an interesting idea that possibly due to the presence of a lead that I have never really rated (In Jessica Biel) falls frustratingly short of being quite brilliant.  A twist (quite literately) on the  standard abduction/mysterious bad guy killer that has been played out time and time again, the film throws an excellent curve ... Read More »

Whip It

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: Whip It is about as interesting and well made as a film about a mostly woman sport set against the back ground of a coming of age drama could ever be to a man.  Ellen Page is brilliant and Barrymore shows she has learnt well from working with some of the best directors in the business ... Read More »