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Skyfall – A Quick Capsule Review (Revisited)


Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: Hold the phone.  007 is back and this time he’s bloody near perfect.  Yes that’s right Skyfall is exactly as good as the hype suggest, a film that returns Bond to the classic figure we know and love whilst throwing in enough action, heartache and shootouts to be …

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The Babadook – A Quick Capsule Review (Revisited)


Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: There’s little left to be said about The Babadook.  From All Things Film’s own Andrew Mackay’s glowing review to the heaps of 5 star reviews across the globe, it’s fair top say the film arrives with bucket loads of hype.  And you know what… for once …

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Big Ass Spider: A Quick Capsule Review (Revisited)


Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: Not often do you get a film that so brilliant ‘does what it says on the tin’ but welcome then to Big Ass Spider a film about… well I think you can guess.  So cheesy dialogue, poor FX, Lloyd Kaufman cameo, mostly TV cast… it’s all here.  But you …

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The Bay – A Quick Capsule Review (Revisited)


Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: The Bay is a real surprise.  Firstly it’s a big name director (Oscar winner Barry Levinson) doing something VERY different and secondly, probably even more relevant, it’s an original and engrossing found footage movie.  Shocks, scares and thrills aplenty here but also a good story that replies …

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Ant Man – A Quick Capsule Review (Revisited)


Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: Ant Man isn’t what you expect.  For all those who (wrongly) complain that all the Marvel film are the same, here you have a heist movie come buddy comedy which (for the most part) separates itself from the wider Marvel universe and just sets about making …

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