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We Need To Talk About Kevin – A Quick Capsule Review (Revisited)


Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: We Need To Talk About Kevin is a hard watch.  From Tilda Swinton’s cold mother to Ezra Miller’s scarily convincing unhinged teenager, We Need To Talk About Kevin leaves you feeling more than a little traumatised.   That said it’s brilliant script, cold but brilliant direction and insanely convincing performances make for …

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Skyfall: A Quick Capsule Review (Revisited)


Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: Hold the phone.  o07 is back and this time he’s bloody near perfect.  Yes that’s right Skyfall is exactly as good as the hype suggest, a film that returns Bond to the classic figure we know and love whilst throwing in enough action, heartache and shootouts to be …

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Avengers Week: Iron Man- A Quick Capsule Review

With Avengers: Infinity War opening this week, Phil’s Quick Capsule Review will be rerunning the reviews of some of our favourite Marvel Films!  Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: The first blockbuster of the year was a balls out debut for Marvel Studios that set a high bar for the summers other superhero films. On …

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Phil’s Uber Quick Capsule Review : ted; Bully; Art Of Rap; Pirates An Adventure With Scientists

Phil’s Uber Quick Capsule Review: The Pirates An Adventure With Scientists  (7/10)Excellent Ardman comedy, not quite up to their highest standards but still leagues above everyone else. Phil’s Uber Quick Capsule Review: ted  (8/10)Simply put one of the most original and funny comedies I have seen in years.  Side splitting.  Phil’s Uber Quick Capsule Review: Bully (7/10)Bully is a remarkable affecting …

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Life Of Pi: A Quick Capsule Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule ReviewLife of Pi is a stunningly made, warm, life affirming film of the type that doesn’t come along very often.  Expertly performed, masterfully directed and beautiful to look at… whilst it didn’t make me believe in god, it did make me believe in good filmmaking once again. Best Bit: The stormRent, Borrow, Buy, Stream: BuyIMDB Rating: 8/10If you liked this try: Slum dog Millionaire (9/10); Stand …

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A Good Day to Die Hard: A Quick Capsule Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule ReviewDie Hard 5 = the Wile E Coyote years. Watch McClaine fall ten+ stories through scaffolding and walk away! Witness him fall from an exploding helicopter into radioactive water! Yup Die Hard has officially jumped the shark. 

As for the film… Meh. It ranges from spastic Bourne cam …

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Phil’s Uber Quick Capsule Review : Napoleon Dynamite; American Mary; John Dies At The End; The Collection

Phil’s Uber Quick Capsule Review: Napoleon Dynamite (4/10)Overrated.  Very Overrated. Phil’s Uber Quick Capsule Review: American Mary (5/10)Wanted to love this film but at the end it just felt a little too safe, with nowhere near enough violence or nudity to make good on it’s promises.  Let down. Phil’s Uber Quick Capsule Review: The Collection (6/10)The …

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