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Blog: Why Star Wars Is Important to Us…

Grosse Point Geek, Motion Picture Maniac and All Things Film editor Phil Hobden explain in their own words just WHY Star Wars is important to them whilst sharing their favourite moments and characters!  First up…   Motion Picture Maniac  These days it’s rare for a film to overwhelm me with butterflies, make me feel different upon witnessing its gargantuan scope ... Read More »

The Star Wars Holiday Special – Motion Picture Maniac

  I watched the Star Wars Holiday Special from beginning to end… I mean I actually went and did it, I actively sought this beast out, sat there and watched it; may God have mercy on my soul. Just imagine James Franco’s face in 127 hours immediately after he finishes removing his arm and you’ll get a pretty good picture ... Read More »

Battle Of The Sexes – Motion Picture Maniac

You know those movies that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Battle Of The Sexes is one of those films for me, and yet I am surprised, it does things I’m not usually crazy about when present in other films but I didn’t care anywhere near as much this time around; Battle Of The Sexes is an entertaining, ... Read More »

The Florida Project – Motion Picture Maniac

There are quite a few films kicking about that I really like but have been accused by others of being too short in the plot department, my philosophy has always been to ask why films have to all follow the exact same rules found in a book written by some old guy gushing about Tarkovsky and Eisenstein; probably with a ... Read More »

Zack Snyder Retrospective – Motion Picture Maniac

Do you want the absolute gospel truth, not only do I think Zack Snyder is one of, if not the most, underrated director of all time, I also think he’s one of the best directors currently working today. If you ask me, it seems his reputation as the most polarising filmmaker of the 21st century has nothing to do with, ... Read More »

Justice League – Motion Picture Maniac

Justice League! It’s finally here, a movie I was very much looking forward to as a fan of comic books and the movies based on them, a Snyder apologist and proud defender of the DCEU thus far, what we have is a superhero team-up movie featuring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg going up against a big ... Read More »

Jigsaw – Motion Picture Maniac

Looking back now, I’m not sure the Saw franchise was ever really all that bad, sure some instalments were better than others and many had instances that were just flat out garbage, but I can’t help but have the tiniest bit of respect for a series of nasty and grimy horror films that were quite well woven together as far ... Read More »

The Snowman – Motion Picture Maniac

I am at a complete loss for words, Michael Fassbender is a terrific actor, in fact the entire cast of The Snowman is rather impressive, Tomas Alfredson is a perfectly capable director and I hear the source material is rather good. So why then, after the credits to this absolute disaster of a film begin rolling, am I left with ... Read More »

Snow Steam Iron – Motion Picture Maniac

I recall Roger Ebert’s review of Cloud Atlas in which he stated that, even after more than one viewing, he still had no idea what it was about but that was the very thing he admired about it; he liked being bewildered by it. That is pretty much how I feel about Zack Snyder’s 4-minute short film Snow Steam Iron, ... Read More »

The Lure – Motion Picture Maniac

I’m a big fan of films that do things differently, I like it when the limitations are thought of beyond what’s simply possible to put on screen and rather set by the question of why it shouldn’t be put on screen, I’m talking films with story telling so deeply rooted in visual metaphors they can be considered downright hostile to ... Read More »