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Proud Mary – Motion Picture Maniac

The opening credit sequence of Proud Mary gave me the impression that it would be a more action oriented version of Jackie Brown, with text directly from the Blaxploitation films of the 70’s and completely contradicting the cheap televisual look of the trailer; I actually thought it might be worth …

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Gringo – Motion Picture Maniac

I’m confused, is Gringo supposed to be a comedy or not? The trailer is full on comedy, but if experience has taught me anything regarding films like The Village, Inglourious Basterds and Inherent Vice, you can’t even trust trailers to get the genre right so let’s not hold that against …

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Game Night – Motion Picture Maniac

If ever there was such a thing as destiny, Game Night, at some point, was surely headed for disaster, on paper there is absolutely nothing special or unique about it’s material in any way, shape or form; even now I cannot bring myself to ignore the fact that it is, …

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Hostiles – Motion Picture Maniac

You know a film means business when it has an opening scene like that of Hostiles, we’re used to westerns somewhat sugar-coating the historical relationship between “Cowboys & Indians” and how truly volatile it really was (the reason movies like Soldier Blue cause such a stir upon release). But Hostiles …

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