Phil’s Top 5… Shane Black Films

Phil’s Top 5… Shane Black Films

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Each week Phil, from Phil’s Quick Capsule Review, takes a look at a different movie or TV related Top Five.  This time out: Shane Black Films

“Who?” I hear your ask.  Well for a while Black was one of Hollywood’s best paid and most well known writers, and was in fact the Hollywood first writer to break a Million bucks on a spec script.  He almost single handedly re-invented the buddy cop genre with Lethal Weapon and went on to piss off millions of Marvel fans with his version of The Mandarin.   Yes, THAT Shane Black.  So here’ say Favourite 5 Shane Black films… (Predator didn’t count being that he was only in it for a small while!).


5 – Iron Man 3
Marvel took a chance and man did it land good.  Black made a very different Iron man than most expected and, whilst it wasn’t everyones taste, I loved it.  And THAT twist.


4 – Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang 
Stepping up as a director for the first time, Black knocked it out the park and started the Downey Jnr come back. Best bit: Gay Val Kilmer.


3 – Long Kiss Good Night
Funny, smart and edgy – it defined Shane Black’s spot on action film writing style.  It’s a Duck not a Dick.


2 – Lethal Weapon 
It redefined the buddy cop genre, cemented Gibson as a star and birthed a million copy cats.


1 – The Last Boy Scout 
Back in the day when Bruce Willis was good (yes it did exist) this sharp as a tack buddy action film boasted one of the smartest scripts around.  Add some expert Tony Scott direction and you have a thrilling and fun action film.  And sadly one that flopped.  Audiences have NO taste.





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