Secret Cinema: Casino Royale (2019) – A Not So Quick Capsule Review

Secret Cinema: Casino Royale (2019) – A Not So Quick Capsule Review

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Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: I’ve always wanted to attend a Secret Cinema. I missed Star Wars, Back To The Future and 28 Days later (all top 15 films for me) but when the opportunity came up to be Bond, and especially within the gambling world of Casino Royale, I thought this was the one. This is my Secret Cinema.  I should have waited. 

Secret Cinema Casino Royale is a massive bust. From it’s hot as hades out out London location to its total lack of immersion and cohesion, it feels little more than an over subscribed under planned money grab.  A way to funnel you into the expensive drinks and food (actually not bad tasting). An hour in I had no idea what I was meant to do, where I was meant to go or how to get involved. It was overcrowded, the few actors where swamped and few seemed to care. 

By hour two when the Casino was revealed I was bored and less than excited by the overcrowded two play tables and bad dancing on stage. The best dressed competition was a real low point. 

At least the film is still one of Bonds best. 

But as it turns out this is also one of the worst way to watch a movie. For a company priding itself on its ‘experience’ and love of film the constantly getting up to go to the bar drunk people, noisy bar area and crashing catering staff almost take away the fun of seeing the film on the big screen. The interactive actors did little to enhance the experience. Oh and worst of all the version they projected here skipped numerous times. Criminal. 

Overall a big double oh no and certainly not an experience I’d recommend. 


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Review: WWE Summerslam 2013 (DVD/BR)

Review: WWE Summerslam 2013 (DVD/BR)


The Review:  SummerSlam this year arrives at the Staples centre in Los Angeles, billed as always as the event of the summer. I am pleased to say it is, this is the second best pay per view event of the year,

It always should be as Wrestlamania takes main billing, and this year it certainty delivered.

Kicking the show of was the undercard match pitting RVD against Dean Ambrose for the United States championship. If you paid to watch the PPV live then you did not witness this match and its included here as highlights lasting only five minute and is the only special feature on the DVD release. Why on earth this match was not on the main card is unknown, it is a decent match and the Shield are key viewing, plus RVD only returned to the WWE at money in the bank. I do feel Dean Ambrose is the main to watch in the shield and will come 2014 move even further up the ladder

Kane vs. Bray Wyatt was a non starter, its difficult in a PG environment for a heel like Wyatt to really get over, as they are unable to push the boundaries enough. As such I don’t think there is enough interest around the character and story line. The match relied too heavily on the returning ring of fire gimmick, which has never been great and did not enhance either the Wyatt family or Kane long term.

Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes is match was good; these two guys are on the slow climb further up the ladder. The grudge match played out well, and time was invested here in building the former Rhodes Scholars tag team split and Sandow’s heel turn robbing Rhodes of the money in the bank briefcase at that paper view.

The World Heavyweight Championship match was a decent match, however I do feel that the World title falls so far behind the WWE title now, that it feels like the Intercontinental Championship, which I must add at this time was not even featured on the second biggest PPV of the year.

This was billed as yet another chance for Christian to challenge for the title, against a heavily bruised ADR, who for me really is overrated, and should not be holding a championship.

A good edition to the card as Christian is a reliable talent that sadly is unutilised to his full extent at the moment.

Diva match Natalya Vs Brie Bella is just another diva match, in the same vein as all the others, sadly not good. The undercard match should have featured here in place of this.

The Best Vs the Beast is excellent and worth the purchase price alone. The storyline and great vocal work of Punk (no longer a Heyman guy) and Paul Heyman built this clash up very well. The match itself is intense, and a back and forth affair that does not disappoint. Punk is such a solid worker and a great draw, and right now is one of the best guts in WWE. Then there is the beast Brock Lesnar, as always only wrestling on a PPV, tearing people up as only he can, the pull aparts between these two in the build up to the paper view were equally good viewing.

It’s a shame for the mixed tag team math that they had to come on after Punk and Lesnar, as they were never going to live up to the task. They had a good go of it none the less, and Ziggler as one of my favourite workers right now gives it his all. AJ and Kaitlyn are the best two Divas around at present and the performed well. All things considered this was an acceptable match.

To the grand finale, the WWE Championship match pitting John Cena against Daniel Bryan.

The story line of this is also excellent and drags you in making you root and push for the red hot Daniel Bryan, as Vince and Stephanie put him down week after week, regarding his dress sense, beard, build and ultimately that he could not possibly be the face of the WWE and therefore not good for business.

Bryan is such a solid worker he pulls a very good match out of Cena, and Cena is also wrestling as we find out the following night on Raw with a large lump on his elbow that requires him sidelined for 6 months.

The action is great and as stated Bryan steals the show. I didn’t want to ruin the ending for you here, however the cover of Summerslam shows our guest referee HHH, holding aloft the hand of one Randy Orton with the belt.

In Summary two top draw matches make this worth watching the PPV alone, there are good supporting cast matches as detailed above and in general Summerslam advances more careers and story lines then in hinders.


Reviewed By: Julian Connelly

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