Phil’s Top 5… Horror Movies Franchises

Phil’s Top 5… Horror Movies Franchises

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Each week Phil, from Phil’s Quick Capsule Review, takes a look at a different movie or TV related Top Five.  This time out: Horror Franchises


Close but no cigar: The Purge, Final Destination , Scream,  Saw


5 – Childs Play
Childs Play started well, went pretty rotten in the middle but managed to stick the landing with Bride, Child and most recently Cult Of Chucky.  Still got legs.


4 – Halloween
One great film, a few weak sequels, an excellent reboot and now a new new reboot means that Halloween is far from finished.


3 – A Nightmare On Elm Street
Elm Street is a mix of the good (the original, a New Nightmare, Dream Warriors), the bad (part 5) and the ugly (the remake) but s a horror icon few beat Freddie.  

2 – Evil Dead
Four movies and an incredible TV show, The Evil Dead franchise continues to endure well past it’s original roots as a down and very dirty low budget calling card for Sam Rami.


1 – Friday The 13th
Yup they haven’t aged that well and the franchise has stalled of late but growing up few films or horror icons scared me as much as the Friday films.  From the iconic (Part 4) to the Crazy bad but fun (Jason takes Manhattan)  I still love everyone of them.  Including the rather good remake.







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