Podcast: The Smoking Lamb #104 – The Incredibles 2, Skyscraper

Podcast: The Smoking Lamb #104 – The Incredibles 2, Skyscraper

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It’s The Smoking Lamb Movie Podcast. A weekly, no-holds-baa-aa-arred, and R-rated look at the world of movies.

On this episode: All four members are back as on this episode for reviews of The Incredibles 2 and Skyscraper. Plus an extensive conversation on the James Gunn news and Comic Con trailers! Check it out and BLEAT THE WORLD!

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Incredibles 2 (2018)- Review Round Up

Incredibles 2 (2018)- Review Round Up

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Want to know what the critics think of the latest hot releases but don’t want to have to search for them?  Well look no further as we round up the reviews from 5 of the most influential sources for the latest BIG RELEASE movie.  This time out: Incredibles 2


“Brad Bird’s strong script and direction elevates Incredibles 2 to new heights.”- 9.2



“…there’s plenty of crackling entertainment value here for viewers from 5 to 95. ” 




“Brad Bird’s sequel to his superhero-family Pixar classic doesn’t build on the first film so much as dutifully replay it. It’s fun, but far from incredible.”


” Incredibles 2 is stuffed to the seams with gorgeous animation, often bursting out of the frame in its nostalgia for the heyday of Hanna-Barbera cartoons and general ‘60s pop art. ” -4/5



Overall Critics Say






Full credit to original sources.  Links to websites provided.


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