Hellboy (2019) – A Quick Capsule Review

Hellboy (2019) – A Quick Capsule Review

Quick Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
The 2019 version of Hellboy is a real slog.  Okay full disclosure I was never a massive fan of the Del Toro Hellboy films but at least I could see WHY people liked them.  This Hellboy… well let’s just politely say that it’s a hot mess.  Okay politeness over… from it’s 90’s quality visual FX to it’s 70’s quality make up to it’s scenes that literally look like they were shot by low-budget filmmakers in a Car park stairwell there is little to recommend here.  Script, direction, design… all poor.  And man its dull. Yup there was studio interference but even with that in mind Marshall needs to shoulder some blame.  It’s just a mess from start to finish – not least the cast which just doesn’t work.  It’s not QUITE the worst film of 2019.  But it’s damn close.

Best Bit: When it finished

Buy, Stream, Avoid: Avoid

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