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Phil’s 5 Best & The Worst TV Shows of 2017

2017 continued TV’s dominance over film.  With new shows launching almost weekly on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime it was hit after hit with shows like Glow breaking new ground (well kinda) and the old guard like The Leftovers and Game Of Thrones hitting to put the park. Here’s my lost and the 5 best and The Worst TV shows ... Read More »

Shot Caller – A Quick Capsule Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: Shot Caller is a genuinely great direct to DVD thriller that happily dispenses with a  lot of prison and DTV action cliches, instead utilising it’s impressive cast (including The Walking Dead Star Jon Bernthal, Lake Bell and Jeffery Donovan to name but three) to deliver a taught, tense thriller that delivers some hardcore violence and some ... Read More »

King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword – A Quick Capsule Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: Aka Lock, Stock And One Smoking Jude Law.  A hot mess of a film for sure, King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword ranges from nearly brilliant to boring, often in the same sequence.  It’s what happens when you cross Lock Stock, Assassins Creed, Game Of Thrones, Excalibur, Lord Of The Rings and some insane fever dream. ... Read More »

Phil’s 5 Best TV Shows of 2016

So 2016 continued the golden age of television, outstripping it’s movie counterparts and delivering more essential must see content than any other medium: even with so many great shows either ended or in their twilight years.  So here’s my run down of my 5 favourite TV show for 2016… with a few nearly rans for good measure. (Yet to watch Narcos Season ... Read More »

Warcraft – A Quick Capsule Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: Ah computer game adaptations.  The bad, the really bad and the ugly of blockbuster filmmaking.  Be it Doom, Super Mario or any of those little seen but still horrific Uwe Bowl films, there has yet to be a truly outstanding computer game to film adaptation.  Sadly Warcraft won’t change that fact.  That’s not to say it as ... Read More »

Phil’s 5 Best TV Shows of 2015

so 2015 quite simple smashed it out the park.  Whilst film faltered, TV just kept getting better and better. So here is the run down of my 5 (well 6) top shows of 2015… TV Show(s) of The Year: Narcos & Daredevil  In Brief: I just could split these two top notch Netflix shows.  Daredevil gave us what is probably the best ... Read More »

Blog: Honeymoon – A Quick Capsule Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: Add equal parts X-Files and Cronenberg, a dash of Deliverance (well kinda) and a hint of Eden Lake and what you get is 2015’s first unexpected surprise – Honeymoon, a tense scary look at a couple on honeymoon, a strange light and a feeling that something just isn’t quite right.  Game Of Thrones Rose Leslie sparkles ... Read More »

Phil’s 5 Best TV Shows of 2014

So 2014 is almost over and it’s that time a year again where everyone reflects back on their best and worst films of the year. This year for the first time I look back on my 5 favourite TV shows of 2014… TV Show of The Year: The Newsroom In Brief: Generally unlike by the American HBO audience, Aaron Sorkin’s clever, well crafted and expertly performed ... Read More »