Scream (1996) – A Quick Capsule Review

Scream (1996) – A Quick Capsule Review

Quick Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
Wes Craven’s Scream remains surprisingly effective 22 years on.  A post-modern slasher film that (much like Tarantino was doing in the gangster film) referenced the very films that predated it.  It’s a film that plays by and yet subverts the rules of its genre.  This may have led to horror eventually eating itself with Scream clones (including certain Scream sequels) but what Craven does here is first rate.  Okay so it could have had a bit more gore for my liking but still it’s an effective slasher film with an iconic villain and some real scares.

Best Bit: “Do you like Scary Movies? ”

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If You Liked this Try: Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, Scream 2, From Dusk Till Dawn


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From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) – A Hall of Fame Quick Capsule Review

From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) – A Hall of Fame Quick Capsule Review

Hall of Fame Quick Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
From Dusk Till Dawn remains one of the most nuts films of the 90’s and possibly marked the last great film by both directors Quentin Tarantino and  Robert Rodriguez.  Yes really I went there.  Starting as a typical Tarantino, it’s not until they hit the Titty Twister bar that the film takes a surprising twist. Well not that surprising as the trailer gave it away but still bloody good fun.  Cameos by Tom Savini, Fred Williamson, Greg Nicotero sit along side a career making turn by George Clooney and a ‘What the fuck am I doing here’ look of Harvey Keitel.  Greta script,. superb action and a crotch gun.  What’s not to love.

Best Bit: ‘Everybody be cool.  You be cool.’

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If You Liked this Try: Desperado, Pulp Fiction, Lost Boys

Hall of Fame


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The Autopsy of Jane Doe – A Quick Capsule Review

The Autopsy of Jane Doe – A Quick Capsule Review

Quick Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
What starts off as a (relatively) convention thriller quickly turns into something a very unexpected. Troll Hunter director Andre Overadal does a great job of building tension, even if his vision exceeds his budget.  The cast is excellent with Hirsh once again shinning nut sadly the talented Lovibond is wasted in what is little more than a walk on.  So lot to like in this surprisingly horror thriller.

Best Bit: Oh it’s THAT kind of film!

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If You Liked this Try: Split, From Dusk Till Dawn, Hush

IMDB Rating: 


Author: Phil Hobden

Phil’s Top 5… Vampire Films!

Phil’s Top 5… Vampire Films!

Quick Review Top 5

Each week Phil, from Phil’s Quick Capsule Review, takes a look at a different movie or TV related Top Five.  This time out: Vampire Movies!


Close but no cigar: Fright Night (1985), Vampires, Blade, Martin, Nosferatu (1922)

5 – Let The Right One In
Whilst the remake had it’s moments , it didn’t touch the scary as hell original.  It’s a well made, taut horror and feeling of constant dread stays with you for days afterward.

4 – Near Dark
Kathryn Bigelow’s Vampire thriller features a great cast (including the late Bill Paxton), lots of blood and a dark tone that suits the material well.

3 – Blade 2
Blade 2 stands out from Del Toro’s original due to an increase in blood, guts and fun. A better central concept and a now comfortable Wesley Snipes makes for one fun ride.

2 – From Dusk Till Dawn
Come on! Rodriguez and Tarantino’s first (and best) collaboration, From Dusk ‘Till Dawn leads you down the road of a typical QT gangster film until THAT twist.  It’s then when things go crazy the film really shines.  It’s a great film. 

1 – The Lost Boys
The 80’s didn’t get much better than this. Mullets, saxophones and the Corey’s – Lost Boys is a stand out film in a decade of stand out movies.  It’s dated for sure but it’s still as fun years later…



Phil’s Top 5… Movie Twists (Major Spoilers! )

Phil’s Top 5… Movie Twists (Major Spoilers! )

Other Cr*p Top 5

Each week Phil, from Phil’s Quick Capsule Review, takes a look at a different movie or TV related Top Five.  This time out: Movie Twists!

BEWARE! Spoilers ahead! 

Close but no cigar: 
Sleepaway Camp (Penis), The Crying Game (Penis), Wild Things (What the hell?), Oldboy (She’s my WHAT?) ,The Sixth Sense (I see dead people), Arlington Road (It was a set up!), Friday 13th (Mrs Bates!), Empire Strikes Back (Dad!!!) , The Others (I see dead people) , From Dusk Till Dawn (Vampires!)


5 – Primal Fear
Similar in execution and tone to the Usual Suspects, Primal Fear plays heavily on the performance of Edward Norton.  And boy does he deliver.  Abused Choir boy to stone cold killer in one easy performance….

4 -Psycho  
So Mrs Bates was Norman dragged up all along? Audiences at the time couldn’t take this massive side swipe and even now it holds up as one of the best shock endings in film history.

3 – Fight Club
There was no Tyler.  He was Tyler all along.  Watch the film back and it does make sense but at the time few saw it coming.

2 – Usual Suspects
Keyser Soze was Kevin Spacey all along.  That walk away from the police station.   The limp making way to a confident stride. The reveal. Just perfect.

1 – The Planet of The Apes (1968)
They blew it up! Ah Damn you! God damn you all to hell.  Yup it was Earth all along.



Phil’s Top 5… Tarantino Films

Phil’s Top 5… Tarantino Films

Other Cr*p Quick Review

In a new semi-regular feature, each week Phil takes a lookout a different movie related Top Five… this time out: Tarantino Films!

Bursting onto the scene in the 90’s, QT was a breath of fresh air. He fundamentally changed the way movies were written and marketed.  Then, sadly, years later he became a mass of hot air with bloated and over long critic baiting movies that you watch once but probably never again.  BUT there was a time when the former video store clerk ruled the movies.  Here are my favourite 5 Tarantino films…


Close but no cigar: Natural Born Killers, Deathproof

5 – Pulp Fiction
A classic for sure, but a film that (years on) I find hard to re-watch. Still it made a sub-genre all of it’s own (Tarantino-esk) , relaunched the career of John Travolta, made Bruce Willis less of a dick for a while and sold a gazillion sound track albums.  Not bad…

4 – From Dusk ‘Till Dawn
Come on… imagine if you had no idea what happens in three quarters of the way through this expertly plotted  film.  Imagine how blown away you’d be expecting another Tarantino crime film and then, from out of nowhere, there are freakin’ vampires! It’s the film that made Clooney popular, that Tarantino didn’t suck in and that Rodriguez never bettered.

3 – Reservoir Dogs
One of the best film debuts ever, Dogs is raw, violent and tense.  It’s also short, underplayed and fun.  Everything Tarantino’s films aren’t anymore. Sadly

2 – True Romance
Written by QT, directed by the late Tony Scott, starring an on the rise Christian Slater and with one of the greatest casts ever (Walken! Oldman! Hopper! Pitt! Gandolfini! and more! ) this is for me Tarantino’s single greatest script. Sharp, with crushing monologues and believable characters this is the pinnacle of his pop culture loving style.  Even years on this film is dynamite.

1 – Jackie Brown
That surprised you didn’t it!  Huh!  Admit it!  But why THSI film, probably one of Tarantino’s least loved movies.  Well whilst Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs are held aloft as QT’s masterpieces, it’s his measured and restrained take on an Elmore Leonard novel that holds the No1 spot for me.  Subtle, classy and cool this is Tarantino at his least, well, Tarantino.  And man does the film benefit from it.  It oozes a level of awesome that for me QT has never topped.  Go on give it another try… you’ll love it!


Blog: All Things Film – Filmsploitation Podcast Cult Movies

Blog: All Things Film – Filmsploitation Podcast Cult Movies


So as we approach the 3 year anniversary of the Filmsploitation Podcast, we’re taking a look back over some of the history of the Podcast and how it’s changed.  For the first 40 or so Podcasts from Filmsploitation, our guest host got to pick the weeks Cult Film.  From the classic to the obscure, the popular to the never seen, here we present a list of each and ever one of them.

In our eyes all must see movies…

No they are. Really.  See them now.  NOW we tell you. Now.

So how many have you seen?

For more check out the IMDB, Youtube or where possible pick up a copy from Amazon or the like.

Episode #041: Deliverance

Episode #040: Ed Wood

Episode #039: Lost Boys 

Episode #037: Alien

Episode #036: Withnail & I

Episode #035: A Fish Called Wanda

Episode #034: Glen Gary Glen Ross 

Episode #032: Sleepaway Camp

Episode #031: Heathers

Episode #029: Adventures Of Ford Fairlane 

Episode #027: Bloodsport

Episode #026: True Romance

Episode #025: Labyrinth

Episode #023: Twin Peaks

Episode #022: Prince Of Darkness

Episode #021:  The Toxic Avenger

Episode #020: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Episode #019: The Blues Brothers

Episode #018: The Hidden

Episode #017: From Dusk Till Dawn

Episode #016: Repo Man

Episode #015: The Sentinel

Episode #012: Lady Hawke

Episode #011: Gymkata

Episode #010: The Warriors

Episode #008: The Cannonball Run

Episode #007: The Princess Bride

Episode #006: Tremors

Episode #005: Do The Right Thing

Episode #004: Dellamorte Dellamore

Episode #003: The Stuff

Episode #002: They Live

Episode #001: Never Too Young To Die

Author: Phil Hobden