Phil’s Top 5… Fast & Furious Movies

Phil’s Top 5… Fast & Furious Movies

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Each week Phil, from Phil’s Quick Capsule Review, takes a look at a different movie or TV related Top Five.  This time out: Fast & Furious Films

Close but no cigar: 2 Fast, 2 Furious, Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift


5 – Fast & The Furious 7
The film had to deal with Walker’s untimely death and it does it well using bleeding edge effects work, stunt doubles and a tweaked story to give him a fitting send off.   Whilst it’s not the strongest outing the ending is pitch perfect.  Oh it also introduced Kurt Russell to the franchise.  Winning. 


4 – The Fast & The Furious
The original is still a good film, even if it bears no resemblance to what the franchise has become.  Made Vin a viable action star and a name out of Paul Walker.


3 – The Fate Of The Furious
Bringing Statham back to duel with the Rock, introducing a new villain and bringing in Helen Mirran – the franchise feels more comfortable now it doesn’t have to deal with the passing of it’s major star.  Eastwood makes a good addition also.  


2 – Fast & Furious 6
With The Rock on board along side the good guys (well the mostly good guys) the action ramps up, as does the thrills and excitement. It’s not Shakespeare but it’s top draw blockbuster.   


1 – Fast 5
The Rock joins the franchise, the team are back together and the franchise tilts from being about car racing to something more akin to the Expendables meets Oceans 11.  The vault sequence still rates as a franchise high.



Blog: Furious 7 (aka Fast & The Furious 7) – A Quick Capsule Review

Blog: Furious 7 (aka Fast & The Furious 7) – A Quick Capsule Review

Quick Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
I’m a big fan of this franchise, a franchise which has massively improved since the shaky original sequels (2,3,4,).  So I was looking forward to some brainless fun, albeit one with the added gravitas of being Paul Walkers last film.   Was I disappointed?  Yes. And No.  So let’s start with the yes:  it’s stupid and messy, the story made no sense and felt very disjointed (probably partly due to Walker’s death).  It also has a terrible script, mostly made up of over macho one liners.  It’s also too long, turning into a silly Expendables film by the end.  Oh and there’s not enough Rock.  So that’s the bad.  Onto the good: all this aside it was great fun for the most part, with some stunning action sequences (although never better than when it’s ‘roided man Vs’ ‘roided man).  They handled Walkers death well with a great final payoff, Statham was brilliant and the ‘Walker’ double / Tony Jaa final fight was excellent considering the limitations.  Oh and it has probably one of the bets openings of a film in recent memory.  It aint a classic,  it’s probably the 4th best Fast film but one well worth seeing.

Best Bit: The opening.  Rock Vs Statham.

Buy, Rent, Stream, Borrow: Rent.

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Author: Phil Hobden