Phil’s 5 Best Films of 2007…

Phil’s 5 Best Films of 2007…

Quick Review Year In Review

Film of The Year: Bourne Supremacy (9/10)
In Brief:  I had low expectations, liking but not a massive fan of the first 2. I was blown away with its story, action and performances.

2. Transformers
Why It was good: Because against all odds (toy adaptation, Michael Bay directing) this film was simply brilliant, delivering and then some.

3. Rocky Balboa
Why It was good: Stallone returns and brings pathos, heart and soul along with him. A feel good movie like they just don’t make any more.

4. Knocked Up
Why It was good: When a film arrives with so much hype, normally it’s a let down. Not so with Knocked Up, the funniest, warmest and most honest film of the year!

5. Grindhouse
Why It was good: Because it was Tarantino & Rodriguez both on superb form, once again making movies I love to watch!

Bubbling under:
Death Sentence (8/10); Ratatouille (8 /10); Hot Fuzz (7/10); 300 (7/10); 28 Weeks Later (7/10)