Death Note (2017) – A Quick Capsule Review

Death Note (2017) – A Quick Capsule Review

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Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
I’ve not seen the Death Note Anime.  So with that in mind I approached director Adam Wingard’s live action reboot/remake with zero baggage.   Which is good because pulled away from all the “Not as good as the original” standard remarks, I found a heap of stuff to enjoy in this well paced, teen thriller.  Playing out like a mix of Donnie Darko meets Final Destination, Death Note is served well by it’s creative direction, strong leads and some impressive visuals.  Its not that scary or that violent but it has an interesting message at it’s core.  Not everything works – L is under served for sure and the film leaves things almost TOO open but overall I liked Death Note a lot.  Probably not for fans of the anime but recommended for everyone else.

Best Bit: Willem Dafoe

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Author: Phil Hobden