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Blog: All Things Film – Cheap Thrills Reviewed

A question for anyone who’s seen this right off the bat – is Cheap Thrills a dark comedy, or a light horror? It can’t be both. It doesn’t have the faintest idea what it wants to be. So it decides to be both, I guess, and let the viewer decide. The poster suggests riotous, cheeky comedy. When the film starts, ... Read More »

Blog: All Things Film – The Monuments Men Reviewed

On paper – on canvas – this should really have worked a lot better than it did. The Monuments Men tells the story of a group of Yankee art lovers who quickly throw themselves through basic military training so they can get the OK from Roosevelt to recover a bunch of historic artifacts – or monuments – that Hitler is ... Read More »

Review: Noah (Cinema)

The Review: Displeased at the way mankind has treated the Earth and itself, the Creator (i.e. God)decides to wipe out humanity by covering the world in a huge flood. However, not wanting to punish the innocent, He tasks Noah (Russell Crowe) with saving the animals by building a gigantic Ark to escape the oncoming deluge. Meanwhile, the evil King Tubal-Cain (Ray ... Read More »

Review: The Motel Life (Cinema)

The Review: I love it when the title of a film aptly sums up precisely how thrilling and entertaining the experience of sitting through it is like. Take The terminator, for examples, or perhaps even Twelve Angry Men (and RoboCop) – those two titles tell you what’s going to happen; gear you up for a giddy ride. Then there’s shite like ... Read More »

Interview: Caity Lotz Talks The Machine

Caity Lotz trained in martial arts,  dance and gymnastics.  From starring in Mad Men, The Pact and Arrow as the infamous Black Canary to be Lady Gaga’s backing dancer, the 27 year old has had a more varied and in depth career than those twice her age.  Her latest project is an action packed, British science fiction film The Machine, a story of ... Read More »

Review: Better Living Through Chemistry (Cinema, USA)

The Review: I prefer Sam Rockwell to Owen Wilson, and I am pretty sure most people feel the same way. Quite why first time writing and directing team Geoff Moore and David Posamentier have instructed Rockwell to carry off his best Owen Wilson impersonation is beyond me. This is not the same Rockwell we saw in The Way Way Back which, ... Read More »

Review: Ride Along (Cinema)

The Review: It seems all genres are racing to get out their flagship movies this month – curiously enough, it seems some of the movie studios might have incorrectly hedged their bets on what the punters want to see. Movie theatres are pulling some of the big Oscar contenders to make way for unexpected demand in the form of Lone Survivor ... Read More »

Tinkerbell & The Pirate Fairy : A Quick Capsule Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: Naturally this wasn’t my first (or even tenth) choice of film to watch this weekend but with a four year old daughter in tow I didn’t have a great deal of choice (12 Years a Slave or Wolf Of Wall Street?).  And you know what?  It wasn’t bad.  In fact, for it’s scant one hour ten ... Read More »

Review: The Monuments Men (Cinema)

The Review: The Monuments Men is the untold story of the men who protected and searched for stolen artwork and artefacts during the latter days of WWII. George Clooney plays Frank Stokes who is set the task by President Roosevelt to put a team of specialists together and go to German occupied France and Belgium to recover these valuable items. Needless ... Read More »

Review: Robocop (Cinema) Spoiler Free

The Review: This remake has one credited writer; newcomer Joshua Zetumer, with a total one credit on the IMDb. This one. And it shows. It actually shows two things: one, that a newcomer can show some promise for the future, and two – his first major screenplay probably shouldn’t be a remake. News of a remake for the original 1987 RoboCop ... Read More »