Bombshell (2020)- A Quick Capsule Review

Bombshell (2020)- A Quick Capsule Review

Quick Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
As impressive as the three lead performances are, there’s just something about Bombshell that doesn’t quite work.  Something that stops it being great rather than just good.  For sure it’s story is shocking -that of Fox News founder Roger Ailes and a string of sexual abuse dating back years – but the film has a tendency to slip into caricature and there’s something ultimately unsettling about a film that ends up making Rupert Murdoch it’s hero.   It’s also pretty messy at times and Jay Roach’s direction is often obvious and lacking in subtlety as you may expect from the man who gave us Austin Powers. But the films saving grace is its leads.  Robbie, Theron and Kidman smash it out the park (Robbie especially) and all deliver impactful, heartfelt performances.  Without them this would for sure be lesser a film.   So a story that had to be told in a film that could be better.

Best Bit: The three leads

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