Phil’s Top 5… Sports Underdog Films

Phil’s Top 5… Sports Underdog Films

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Each week Phil, from Phil’s Quick Capsule Review, takes a look at a different movie or TV related Top Five.  This time out: Sports Underdog Films!


Close but no cigar: Kingpin, Tin Cup, Million Dollar Baby, Rocky Balboa, Moneyball


5 – Bloodsport
Yeah so Dux maybe a martial arts expert, but chased by the military, entering a no hold barred tournament never won by a Westerner  before, the odds are firmly stacked against him.  Love Bloodsport.


4 – Cool Runnings
A true (ish) story, Cool Runnings is one of the most unbelievable stories ever told.  Featuring a great cast (including the late John Candy) it’s a heart warming tale.


3 – Major League
Cheesy for sure.  But when Wild Thing kicks in, there’s not one person watching the film that doesn’t feel their heart pounding.  Charlie Sheen’s never been better.


2 – Rocky
THE sports underdog film, still rating up there as one of the greatest films of it’s time.  An Oscar winner with a career defining performance at it’s core… few top it.


1 – The Karate Kid
For me, even more so that Rocky, The Karate Kid is the quintessential sports underdog film.  Greta montages, cheesy music and Elisabeth Shue.  Say no more.





Kickboxer Vengeance – A Quick Capsule Review

Kickboxer Vengeance – A Quick Capsule Review

Quick Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
Imagine if JCVD’s original 80’s Kickboxer had even worse acting, poorly directed martial arts scenes and a film stealing cameo from a genre legend that made the rest of the film cry out for those moments when he was on screen as apposed to your star?  Well we’d probably not have this rather pants remake for one thing.  And we’d probably not have JCVD either.  Which is a shame as he’s the only good thing in this.  Seriously avoid and re-watch the 1989 original instead.

Best Bit: JCVD

Buy, Stream, Avoid: Avoid

If You Liked this Try: Kickboxer (1989), Blood Sport, AWOL

IMDB Rating: 


Author: Phil Hobden