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The Book of Life – A Quick Capsule Review (Revisited)


Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: Big screen animation continues it’s ever upward spiral with the release of The Book Of Life, from producer Guillermo del Toro.  A beautiful, fun film with stunning character design, a great cast (Ron Perlman, Channing Tatum, Zoe Saldana), some nice rejigged music and, naturally this it’s a Mexican themed film, you …

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Sicario – A Quick Capsule Review (Revisited)


Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: Wow Sicario was rather unexpected.  What a film – a tense, brutal and at time uncompromising look at the war against drugs on the borders of America. With a great cast (including Del Toro in a recent career best performance), some stunning cinematography, expert direction and …

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Grosse Point Geek: My Favourite Star Trek Movie…

You have to hand it to Star Trek ,spanning 4 decades, 6 TV series, 14 films, countless books and tons of merchandise, its one of the longest and most successful sci fi franchises in history.  Now I adore Star Trek  -not as much as Star Wars mind –but I have enough knowledge of its universe to know a Dilithium chamber when …

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Deadpool – A Quick Capsule Review (Revisited)


Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: Deadpool has its flaws but in a $60million budged film that EVERYONE thought would do ‘okay’ which has now become one of the most critically and commercially successful X-Men and non Marvel studios films ever, you can kinda overlook them.  In modern parlance Deadpool has smashed …

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Avengers: Age Of Ultron: A (Not So) Quick Capsule Review

With Avengers: Infinity War opening this week, Phil’s Quick Capsule Review will be rerunning the reviews of some of our favourite Marvel Films!  So the bigger, louder, more action packed sequel arrives in cinemas with a weight of expectation on it’s shoulders, a weight sadly even it’s great cast & solid director just …

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