Berlin Syndrome – A Quick Capsule Review

Berlin Syndrome – A Quick Capsule Review

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Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
I can see why people dug Berlin Syndrome.  It’s often tense, always well performed and looks great.  I enjoyed it for a lot of it’s run time.  But there’s my main issue with the film: It’s run time.  Berlin Syndrome isn’t a long film but it does manage to repeat a lot of the same themes and ideas across making it feel a lot longer than it is.  There’s great a sub one hour twenty minute film here but as it plays out with numerous escape attempts that fail time and time again and the will he wont he get caught moments, by the end I found myself getting more than a little bored.  That’s aid It’s had great reviews so maybe it’s just me…

Best Bit: Teresa Palmer’s performance

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Author: Phil Hobden