Zack Snyder Retrospective – Motion Picture Maniac

Zack Snyder Retrospective – Motion Picture Maniac

A Blog Motion Picture Maniac

Do you want the absolute gospel truth, not only do I think Zack Snyder is one of, if not the most, underrated director of all time, I also think he’s one of the best directors currently working today. If you ask me, it seems his reputation as the most polarising filmmaker of the 21st century has nothing to do with, you know, his actual filmmaking, but is rather down to the fact that the Internet just loves its easy targets; there’s nothing a troll loves more than baiting fanboys so when a Rotten Tomatoes score tells them such behaviour is sort of ok, because his narrative structures follow the rules as much as a Terrence Malick film and the popularity contest that is modern film criticism is nothing if not stubborn, the opportunity simply can’t be missed.

If I’m wrong then why does his daughter committing suicide only lead to more jokes, something that has nothing to do with filmmaking? That’s because it’s not about the films, it’s about who can say the nastiest thing about whoever’s in the spotlight at the moment that would attract the most attention, I mean are you really saying Batman V Superman deserved those Razzies more than 9 Lives (which wasn’t even nominated) because it truly was the worse film or because it just had the higher profile? Not to mention Marvel has been allowed to get away with what Snyder gets accused of for years but I digress. I think he’s great, severely underrated and I’m positively crapping myself with excitement over Justice League, and so to commemorate the occasion I thought I’d put together a little retrospective for him, although it could just be an excuse on my part to call bollocks on the complaints; yeah it’s probably that.



This movie was better than it had any right to be, a remake by a first time director about zombies, should be rubbish but it’s actually a fun, well made, stylish and exciting time that admittedly has moments of first-time-director-ism but hey, what needed to work works and Snyder really knew what he was doing here.


300 (2006)

I remember seeing this mercilessly violent exercise in stylish mayhem for the first time and being completely blown away by how much fun it was, a quotable, beautiful and, dare I say, revolutionary action movie that pretty much invented a spectacle type, and as for the accusations of homophobia, racism and pro fascism, well, I could probably write a book on why all of that is garbage. I bumped into a guy with Persian ancestry once, I asked him about what he thought of this film; his response was: “awesome”.



If you ask my opinion, the movie adaptation of Watchmen is every bit as good as the book, in fact I’d even say there are moments in the film that are handled better than in the book, I think it’s a masterpiece that only suffered critically because… actually I don’t know why, we’ve been screaming for a faithful book-to-film adaptation since the beginning and when one finally comes along it’s apparently too close to the book, except when little changes come along which also apparently suck because… again, I just don’t know. How come when Sin City uses comic panels as storyboards it gets praised but when Watchmen does it then it’s suddenly a stupid idea?



Seeing this film makes me wonder why Zack didn’t dip his toes into animation sooner, being such a stickler for detailed CGI and any excuse to show grandiose visuals capable of inducing eye-gasms you’d think it would be his first choice. I like this one very much, it does go through familiar story motions quite hastily but it more than makes up for it with it’s voice acting and the typical Snyder scope I just can’t get enough of, that and the fact that the action is just awesome to behold; 300 with owls – oh yes please.



Guess what? I like this movie… a lot actually. It says a lot about the world we live in, perfect proof you can make a film with immaculate cinematography, astonishing visual effects, terrific editing, an original and unique story, production value of sky high proportions and still get labelled “worst film ever” and “sexist” because your female characters have somewhat revealing costumes… wow, slow-f**king-clap! I’ve read the reviews, I’ve watched the videos, I’ve reapplied them to the film when I re watch it and you know what? I still don’t bloody get the complaints.



Here it is, the most polarising movie of the 2010’s and one of my favourite films, a film that feels like it was made with my personal tastes in mind, every shot feels perfect to me, the cinematic aestheticism and wonder of the cinematography and direction just warms my heart. Superman was in need of some kind of refreshment, I mean before this film, everybody I spoke to said Superman was a silly goodie-two-shoes, Snyder made a superman film the way one needs to be made, from the flying to the city wide destruction and themes on the dark side of heroism; what saving the world truly means in the real world, I love the world engine and the final fight with Zod, and that opening on Krypton, oh my God!



Now, I get it, the theatrical cut was very problematic, but Snyder’s intended version, the Ultimate Edition, is close to perfect, this film had so much riding on it, from the interpretation of the characters to who “should” win the title fight, the setting up of the DC universe to addressing the controversy of Man Of Steel, hardly surprising it didn’t please everyone, a butchered theatrical along with all that maddening hype didn’t help, but the director’s cut definitely pleased me. I can only hope that, in 20 years, it’s reputation may be reassessed like Blade Runner and The Shinning, especially since it’s already slowly gaining a cult following, this is not dark Avengers, it’s Watchmen with Justice League characters; a brave and personal epic with more to say than we realise, one that deserves better.

And I believe that’s it, I’m a big fan of Snyder’s work and I really wish he got the credit he deserves, maybe one day when people get a grip, I mean come on, he’s “homophobic and pro fascist” because of 300 but actual homophobes probably hate how Dr Manhattan is naked all the time, and Legend Of The Guardians could easily be construed as anti-fascist propaganda. Justice League is right around the corner and I have a strong feeling I’m probably going to like it, I am still nervous though, I’m rather tired of feeling like the only one doing the raving, but oh well, what will be will be, fingers crossed, commence prayers and sacrifices to whatever form of God is paying attention.

Motion Picture Maniac 

Grosse Point Geek – 2016 In Review (And a look to 2017)

Grosse Point Geek – 2016 In Review (And a look to 2017)

A Blog Grosse Point Geek Year In Review

2016 – in short, a terrible year for big movies – in fact i struggle to remember another time where the Hollywood studios produced so many blockbuster films as badly made, boring, and lacking in imagination as what we were subjected to over the last 12 months.

To begin with were subjected endless numbers of superhero films  – one of which (Captain America: Civil War) was so contrived it was painful, then there were the dull and at times terrible sequels to long dead franchises (ID4:2 Jason Bourne, The Huntsman, Blair Witch), crap comedies (Bad Moms) iffy fantasies (Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children) shoddy remakes (Point Break) and yet another godawful game to film adaptation (Warcraft).

Mercifully there were some shining lights among the inky darkness – mostly for which we have to thank the many smaller budgeted productions, such as Room, The Nice Guys, Hell or High Water, Spotlight etc. These were the films that probably struggled to get made for years because the likes of Michael Bay, Roland Emmerich and the other sell outs were hoovering up all the money that the studios could throw at them, just so they could vomit their shoddy, franchise prolonging, zero imagination celluloid turds on Joe Public – bastards.

To be fair though not all the biggies were rubbish  – Star Trek Beyond was pretty good, so was The Revenant, Deadpool was awesome,  Creed rocked, London Has Fallen and Doctor Strange were great fun  and Rogue One completely blew us all away to become one of the best entries in the Star Wars franchise since Return Of The Jedi.

So here it is then – my rundown of the best and worst of 2016 and a look at what I think will be worth seeing next year.


Top 10 best films of 2016

  1. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  2. Room
  3. Deadpool
  4. Creed
  5. Spotlight
  6. Eddie The Eagle
  7. Arrival
  8. Eye In The Sky
  9. The Magnificent Seven
  10. London Has Fallen (i’m gonna burn in hell for that one)

Top 15 Honorary mentions of 2016


  1. Doctor Strange
  2. Hell or High Water
  3. The Nice Guys
  4. A Street Cat Named Bob
  5. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice
  6. Ghostbusters
  7. Conjuring 2
  8. Purge: Election Year
  9. Ben Hur
  10. The Revenant
  11. Jungle Book
  12. Star Trek Beyond
  13. The Siege Of Jadotville
  14. Bridget Jones Baby
  15. Midnight Special
The Top Ten Performances of 2016
  1. Brie Larson (Room)
  2. Jacob Tremblay (Room)
  3. Felicity Jones (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story)
  4. Benedict Cumberbach (Doctor Strange)
  5. Ben Affleck (Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice)
  6. Luke Treadaway (A Streetcat Named Bob)
  7. Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool)
  8. Mark Ruffalo (Spotlight)
  9. Sylvester Stallone (Creed)
  10. Alan Rickman (Eye In The Sky)
The Top ten Best Action Scenes/on screen fights of 2016
  1. That utterly incredible, pant wettingly brilliant last 20 minutes of Rogue One – ive seen it twice now and i still cant believe it.
  2. The monumental, bullet riddled arse kicking that Gerard Butler and The SAS throw the terrorists in the climax to London has Fallen.
  3. Will Smith (guns and all) vs the Meta-Human mutants – Suicide Squad (i hasten to add it was that films one saving grace)
  4. Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman’s big face off against Doomsday in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.
  5. The edge of the seat finale to Eye In The Sky
  6. Little Jack’s escape from the room – Room
  7. The one take, no edit boxing match – Creed
  8. Leonardo DiCaprio vs The Bear  – The Revenant
  9. The Chariot Race  – Ben Hur
  10. The big finale – Magnificent Seven
Grosse Pointe Geek’s 2016 Hero of The Year
Gareth Edwards –  for finally giving us the Star Wars film we’ve all been waiting for with Rogue One – well done my son.

The Top Five Biggest Disappointments of 2016

  1. X-Men: Apocalypse (someone needs to grab this franchise and give it a bloody good shake)
  2. Suicide Squad (one of the best trailers of the year – just a shame it couldn’t translate into a better film – God this one had SO much potential!)
  3. Bone Tomahawk (how in the hell a western featuring Kurt Russell as sheriff going up against a bunch of psychopathic cave men could end up so dull beggars belief)
  4. 10 Cloverfield Place (another brilliant trailer  -and a complete sell out of an ending)
  5. The Hateful Eight (undoubtedly well made but Tarantino disappeared up his own arse with this one)

The Top ten Worst Films of 2016

  1. Independence Day: Resurgence (a message to Roland Emmerich –  Dear Roland, i and every film geek on the planet sincerely hope that you and Dean Devlin rot in the pit of direct to dvd hell for the rest of your miserable careers – yours sincerely – The Film going public)
  2. Warcraft (a CGI monstrosity and a complete steaming dung pile of a film)
  3. Hardcore Henry (i hated this so much i thought i was going to need therapy)
  4. Bad Moms (i’ve had more fun cleaning cat puke off the kitchen floor than i did watching this)
  5. Allegiant (a franchise killer that deserved to be the gigantic flop that it was)
  6. Point Break (pointless remake and an insult to the original -all i can say is that Patrick Swayze must be turning in his grave)
  7. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (good idea, utterly crap film)
  8. Gods Of Egypt (so laughably bad i cant believe it got a cinema release)
  9. Bastille Day (probably the most unoriginal and most torturous to watch “action” film i’ve ever had the displeasure to sit through)
  10. Blair Witch (total pants  – scariest movie of the decade my distended arse)


and finally..Will’s 2017 most anticipated films:

  • Star War Episode 8
  • Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 2
  • Wonder Woman
  • Justice League
  • The Mummy
  • Kong: Skull Island
  • Manchester By The Sea
  • Geostorm
  • Ready Player One
  • Spiderman Homecoming
  • Thor Ragnarok
  • Blade Runner 2049
  • Alien: Covenant
  • War For The Planet Of The Apes
  • Dunkirk
  • John Wick Chapter 2
  • Fate of The Furious (aka Fast 8)
  • Logan


So there we are  – my round up of 2016, overall a pretty poor year  – still never mind, Rogue One and the smaller films did alot to make up for it plus 2017 is looking very good indeed. As ever id like to thank anyone and  everyone who read my reviews (whoever you are!) and visited this fantastic website, plus a big thanks to the illustrious Mr Phillip Hobden for continuing to let me vent my spleen upon the movie going world.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous new year


My name is Will Strong and I’ve been Grosse Pointe Geek.


Author: Will Strong aka Grosse Point Geek


Phil’s Best To Worst: 2016 Blockbusters

Phil’s Best To Worst: 2016 Blockbusters

Best... Other Cr*p

Listed in reserve order (From Worst to Best) Phil, of Phil’s Quick Capsule Review, breaks down a film related subject in order of his own personal enjoyment.  This time out: 2016 Blockbusters 

(Not Seen: Jason Bourne, The Legend Of Tarzan,


Worst: The Divergent Series: Allegiant – Part 1

Such a drag of a film, like all the Divergent films they just don’t work enough for me to care.


12. Independence Day Resurgence

The sequel no-one wanted to a film few people care about.  Yup this was a sure fire bomb.


11. The Huntsman Winters War 

Well it was better than the first one! (Generally anything WITHOUT Kristen Stewart is an instant improvement)


10. Warcraft  

Not the critical mess you’ve been led to believe but far from essential


9. Ghostbusters (2016)

The fact they were women was a mute point when this reboot/remake forgot to include enough laughs to make it a worthwhile experience.


8. Suicide Squad

The trailer of the year delivers one of the bigger let downs. Sadly this promised lots and delivered very little.


7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of The Shadows

This could have been worse.  (Could have been better too).  It had it’s moments and Amell was great.


6. Now You See Me 2 

This sequel improved on the original in almost every way… except the point when it crawled up it’s own behind.  Up until then however…


5. The Jungle Book (2016)

It’s a good film.  It’s also a technically brilliant film.  It’s just not a brilliant film in it’s own right.  If you see what I mean…


4. X-Men: Apocalypse 

Not as good as First Class, better than Days Of Future Past.  But probably shows that this franchise need a break for a while…


3. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice  

Forget the critics I liked BVSDOJ a lot.  Just don’t worry about the Extended version too much. It just offers length. And in a near 3 hour films already thats not what you need more of.


2. Captain America: Civil War 

The war was too civil and further signs of Marvel’s halo starting to slip are present but this is still top notch blockbuster fare.


Best: Star Trek Beyond

Better than Wrath of Into Darkness, not QUITE as good as JJ’s reboot.  Beyond offers a celebratory 50th anniversary offering that is just what the doctor ordered.  Summer 2016’s bets blockbuster !



Blog: Grosse Point Geek – Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Blog: Grosse Point Geek – Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

A Blog Grosse Point Geek Uncategorized

After witnessing first hand the wanton death and destruction brought upon Metropolis from the epic scrap between General Zod and Superman, Gotham’s Bruce Wayne (Affleck) swears to kill The Man Of Steel by any means possible. Meanwhile serious questions are being asked by the government and public alike about Superman, regarding what he really stands for and whether he poses a serious threat to humanity.


Three years ago i wrote my first piece for AllThingsFilm on why i felt that a Batman V Superman film was a bad idea  – my reasoning was that since Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy seemed to tell the defining story of Batman, there was simply no need to reboot him all over again. This i felt would simply confuse audiences, who would rightly be asking which version of Batman they where seeing  – is it a continuation of the one Christian Bale played? Or are we watching the Keaton/Kilmer/Clooney character? And if its none of those versions then would it be wise to just introduce Batman to a Man Of Steel sequel  with no hint of a back-story (i.e. how he became Batman) and just pray that no one would care? To be honest after seeing BvS i still don’t have the answer and am simply hoping that the three hour R rated special edition DVD  and/or the recently announced Affleck starring solo Batman film gives me some peace of mind.


Anyhow  – onto the film itself. Over all i have to say that i did like it and it by no means does it in any way deserve the near vitriolic reviews that have been aimed at it from a great deal of highbrow film critics – who frankly, in my opinion wouldn’t know a decent movie  from a hole in the ground.

Not to say that i didn’t have a number of issues. The plot itself seems to be all over the place and is far too Bat-centric, with not nearly enough focus on Superman. Plus rather than just concentrate on the business of getting Batman to fight Superman, director Zach Snyder frustratingly concentrates on a huge amount of exposition and overly serious  talk whilst clumsily shoehorning in some confusing story strands that are simply there to be picked up again in the now filming two part Justice League movie. Not only that but he doesn’t seem to know what to do with the whole love/hate affair that the public have with Superman. Indeed just as the Man of Steel is about to defend himself in front of the US Congress and Holly Hunter’s crusading senator, Snyder maddeningly pulls the rug out from under the audience by blowing everything to smithereens  – which for me, cut short what should have been Superman’s defining moment in this film – the chance to speak for himself and turn the tide of public opinion in his favour.  There also seemed to be a lack of believable motivation for some of the characters  -in particular Bruce Wayne’s reasoning to kill Superman seemed very forced and not really plausible, as does Lex Luthor’s (Eisenberg) creation of the un-killable Doomsday monster from the dead body of General Zod. Yes ok Doomsday is there to kill both our superheroes  – but Snyder never goes into what Luthor plans to do with him afterwards -i.e. how does he expect to control the monster? and what will he use him for? – Questions that are never answered – again very much like the introduction of Batman  – we are just expected to accept it.

However my biggest bugbear was the fight between Batman and Superman which after all is the principal reason for this film to exist. Frankly – its simply way too short, ends in an entirely and horribly copped out manner, is very contrived and completely lacking the kind of brutality, fury and excitement that one would expect from what should have been the absolute mother of all dust ups.


Now i have to say that despite the above issues, there was a great deal that is very good about this film. To begin with the performances are all universally excellent – Affleck is absolutely  brilliant as Bruce Wayne/Batman and just may well have delivered the best interpretation of the character since Michael Keaton in Tim Burtons 1989 blockbuster. A self confessed comic book nut in real life , Affleck superbly delivers a performance full of anger, sorrow, violence and conflicted angst that Christian Bale never quite managed in Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Henry Cavill, reprising his role as the last son of Krypton is also very good, but still comes up short when compared to the great Christopher Reeve – who in all honesty will never ever be bettered as Superman. Amy Adams and Laurence Fishburne are solid as Lois Lane and Perry White, and even though there isn’t enough of Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, when she is on screen she’s really great and certainly matches the lads for sheer arse kicking toughness. Jeremy Irons as Alfred is also excellent, however at the moment Michael Caine will always have given the definitive performance of this character – however i certainly wouldn’t put it past an actor of Irons stature to really make the role his own in future Batman/Justice League films. Finally (and with a certain degree of surprise) Jesse Eisenberg is extremely effective as Lex Luthor  – playing him as a smug, petulant psychopath, prone to fits of rambling rage and harboring a far more insidious evil than we ever saw from Gene Hackman or Kevin Spacey’s rather silly takes on Superman’s arch nemesis.

I also would like to point out how well made it all is – Snyder’s direction of the action scenes is as sure handed as ever, particularly his re-enactment of the destruction of Metropolis from a ground up point of view and a cracking climactic set piece which sees Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman teaming up against Doomsday in what proves to be the most enjoyable part of the film. The visual effects are also all exceptionallyl realized, as is the cinematography by Larry Fong, which lends a real gritty darkness to proceedings that serves things well throughout.


So over all a good film – very enjoyable and engaging throughout with some really great performances  – particularly from Ben Affleck. However Zach Snyder really needs to deliver the goods with the upcoming two part Justice League epic or one gets the feeling that this new (and very late to the party) DC expanded film universe could come to a sudden crashing halt – or be looking for a new director –  time will tell. So for the for the moment Marvel Studio’s Kevin Feige and The Avengers really shouldn’t start losing any sleep just yet – however they mustn’t get complacent ether  -later this year sees the release of the much anticipated Suicide Squad, a now filming Wonder Woman adventure and a potentially Affleck directed Batman solo outing  – so don’t count DC  out just yet.

IMDB Rating:

Author: Will Strong 


In Preparation For Batman V Superman – Motion Picture Maniac

In Preparation For Batman V Superman – Motion Picture Maniac

A Blog Motion Picture Maniac

This is pretty much my excuse to have a fan moment before the actual film.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is my most anticipated movie of all time, more than the latest Star Wars, more than the next Tarantino rollercoaster; more than anything. I recall seeing Man Of Steel back in 2013 and being completely awestruck at just how much it seemed to do what I wanted it to do, I understand it’s a controversial statement to make but I love Man Of Steel, I can and still do watch that film whenever I can, even now I am overcome with chills by the Krypton prologue, when Kal El learns to fly for the first time, the battle of Smallville, the triumph over the tentacle wielding world engine and of course the climactic decision that results in a neck being broken. It’s a film that divided fans like a broken continent, with uncountable naysayers, defenders and those in the middle, I love it though, I’m fairly certain I’m in love with it, and now it seems I get to relive that love all over again.

For the past 3 years, ever since they announced their plans to pit Batman against Superman in Man Of Steel’s follow up, I have waited, more and more anxiously with each passing month, every trailer, every clip released has sent me rocketing into the air and the fact that we finally get the film on Friday, words cannot describe the excitement within. Could I be wrong though? Is this mindset a recipe for disaster? Am I destined for disappointment because my attempts to remain indifferent to prevent such hope crushing have failed? For now I cannot say, I have not yet seen the movie, but I feel my early joy might not be such a bad thing as feedback from screenings have begun to roll in and everyone is shouting at how great it is, while it may not be wise to speculate I believe I’m safe, we’ll have to wait and see won’t we?

Funnily enough I was not all that much into Superman before Man Of Steel, at least as far as movies go (believe it or not, but Man Of Steel follows the comic book Superman extremely well), I understand that the first two Christopher Reeve movies are extremely well regarded and more or less everyone seems to love them, I think they’re ok – perfectly serviceable, call me crazy but I can’t really agree that they are untouchable masterpieces, I can never get past the cheesiness or scenes like in Superman 2 pulls his logo from his chest and flings it like a net, it’s like that that stop me from being on the same page as everyone else, but they’re still good though, don’t get me wrong. Then of course there’s the infamous 3 and 4 which… you know what, I’m not going to waist time on, and Superman Returnzzzzzzzzzzz oh, sorry, what happened? Man Of Steel was the first cinematic incarnation of Superman I loved with all its visual mastery, grand story telling and the kind of action I thought we would only see in Dragonball Z, shame not too many agree with me there though.

Like it or not, Superman has killed in the comics, many times (and even if he hadn’t I’d still say it’s about time he got his hands dirty), and no, he didn’t let Jonathan Kent die because he wanted to hide his powers, I mean did people who complain about that even see the movie or are they jumping on the bandwagon? You can clearly see he’s about to do something when Kent puts his hand up and tells him not to, it’s not like Kal was happy about it either, I mean did he, or did he not start crying once he realized what his father wanted him to do? But it’s ok, while it saddens me that I was one of the few back in 2013, this year things are looking up, could I actually be part of the majority this time around, looks like I could be – could be.

I have quite a few reasons for being as excited as I am, one being my apparently blasphemous love more Man Of Steel but I’m also quite a stickler for Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns and taking inspiration from it was the best thing the filmmakers could have done given the conflict here. Superman and Batman fighting is something nerds, like myself, have talked about since… I don’t know how long for, but I know I’ve certainly discussed it with friends and now we get the first ever cinematic pairing of these two great characters. Now even though Batman stands victorious when they fight in Dark Knight Returns (for a few seconds anyway, long enough to give a cool speech), for the movie, my money’s actually on Superman. I like Batman more than Superman but looking at character motivations, at least what we know from the trailers, it looks like Batman could lose, because he seems to be mistaken about Superman, believing him to be an enemy and losing the fight against him only to be spared would teach him a lesson, and provide a good character arc, that’s not a spoiler, I have no idea what’s going to happen, all just fan speculation.

Speaking of those trailers, bloody hell, are you guys seeing all this? Good God, that last trailer where Superman grapples Batman upwards through that building, and catching what looks like a bullet, and swinging a punch only for the heavily armored Batfleck to BLOCK HIM… sorry about that, I lost my mind for a second. My final reason for being so excited is because, and I’m not ashamed to admit this, I love Zack Snyder, I really truly do, he is one of the best action/comic book filmmakers out there. The Dawn of the Dead remake was awesome, I can’t praise 300 or Watchmen enough, I quite enjoyed Legend of the Guardians, and I cannot believe that Sucker Punch has the reputation that it has, I really like that movie and the hate just doesn’t make sense to me (I’ve looked at reviews to at least try to get some kind of understand, I gave Mark Kermode’s review a try and all he did was say “Zack Snyder” with a squeaky voice so that got no where). I love Snyder’s filmography and I want to see him do well, I hate that his films don’t get the recognition they deserve and I’m anxious that this time he could get his first fresh Rotten Tomatoes rating since 2008.

I can’t wait for this movie, the early positive buzz keeps me sane and reassured but I’m salivating here people, 3 long years I’ve waited for this film and now it’s here I can hardly believe it. I’m hoping, after seeing the film, I’ll be walking down the street like Toby Maguire in Spiderman 3… or perhaps less creepy than that, I’ll be skipping that’s for sure, if the film’s a disappointment I doubt I’ll even have the life-force to get up from the chair. That being said, this Friday can’t arrive soon enough. I know there are concerns, there are whispers that it could have too many characters and so on, but I’m more cautiously optimistic, they asked the studio for more time so they could get the story right and cut out characters from the final cut, not because they had to but because they wanted to, I’d say we’re in safe hands.

Blog: Grosse Point Geek –  2016 Most Anticipated Films

Blog: Grosse Point Geek – 2016 Most Anticipated Films

A Blog Grosse Point Geek

Grosse Point Geek wraps his work for 2015 by looking the films coming in next year…

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story: ETA Xmas 2015.

The first of the Star Wars spinoffs,  -to be honest  I know little about it  -other than it takes place between episodes 3 and 4 and concerns a plot to steal the Death Star plans. However  as its directed by Blighty’s own Gareth Edwards (Godzilla) hopes are very high indeed – plus its Star Wars so ‘nuff said!

Creed:  (AKA Rocky 7) – ETA January

Seventh in the Rocky franchise  – could have been a joke if it were not for it being a smash hit at the  US  box office, plus stellar reviews and various supporting actor award nominations for good old  Sly Stallone – we don’t get this in the UK until January  -it looks fantastic and I cant wait.

The Revenant: ETA January

Leo DiCaprio goes on a rampage of revenge against fellow fur trapper Tom Hardy in this hotly anticipated 18th Century  American frontier actioner  – the trailer looks amazing and the reviews are through the roof – a must see.

DeadPool: ETA February

My fellow geeks at the Cineworld film club are in a frothing fervour about this – looks  good fun and Ryan Reynolds as the 4th wall breaking “ Merc With a Mouth” is inspired casting  – has all the potential to be 2016’s best comic book film – just as long as it can banish all memory of The Green Lantern.

London Has Fallen: ETA March

Olympus Has Fallen was one of the most enjoyable films of 2013 – completely daft but very entertaining, really exciting and jam packed with gunfights, explosions and fisticuffs – the sequel has a different director but with most of the original cast returning and a cracking looking trailer this has all the hallmarks of a great night out at the cinema – just please don’t let it be a PG-13!!!

Captain America: Civil War: ETA May

After the disappointment of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel really needs to pull it out of the bag here. The signs are very good though – Winter Soldier directors The Russo Brothers are back, the trailer is great, plus we’ve got Cap fighting Iron Man –overall I’m fairly confident about this one.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice: ETA Summer

Sequel to Man of Steel sees Henry Cavill returning as Superman, Ben Affleck donning the cowl as Batman, Gal Gadot showing up as Wonder Woman and Jason Momoa as Aquaman. I honestly don’t know about this one  folks – director Zach Snyder has an iffy track record – whereas his  Watchmen and 300 were superb – Man Of Steel was really only half a good film and featured way too much CGI, plus one has to ask whether this all a case of DC being a bit Johnny come lately after Marvel’s success with their Avengers franchise – I hope I’m wrong.

X-Men: Apocalypse: ETA Summer

Bryan Singer returns to the directors chair for this follow up to X-Men Days of Future past – I’m decidedly non plussed about this one – DOFP was very disappointing and not a patch of X2 or X-Men First Class – I’ll see it but not expecting much.

Warcraft: ETA Summer

Oh dear God where to start?! –  the trailer debuted last month and frankly looked like nothing more than a bad version of  Lord Of The Rings meets Shrek.  With a summer chock full of superheroes this could be a gigantic flop of John Carter sized proportions- and then some.  However – it does have one advantage that could turn the tide and that’s highly talented British director Duncan Jones at the helm – lest we forget this is the man who gave us Moon and Source Code – here’s hoping he can pull it out of the bag.

Suicide Squad: ETA Summer

Another of DC’s expanded universe, it certainly has an impressive cast  that features Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Jared Leto, and was looking like the business until I heard a rumour that its been slapped with a PG-13 rating – again very much like Batman V Superman we shall just have to wait and see.

Star Trek Beyond: ETA Summer

3rd in the JJ Abrams rebooted Trek series – this time directed by Fast Furious 3,  4, 5 and 6’s Justin Lin, co-written by Simon Pegg and featuring Idris Elba in an as yet unnamed role, (which at a guess is probably the villain). I very much enjoyed the previous two outings but after recently watching the rather awful teaser trailer my faith has been a tad shaken -however it’s Star Trek so I’m going to see it regardless.

Independence Day: Resurgence: ETA Summer

Very belated sequel to the 1996 smash hit alien invasion blockbuster. Will Smith isn’t in it but most of the original cast, plus director Roland Emmerich make a return. The trailer looks pretty action packed but for it to succeed its going to have to be a great deal less cheesy than its predecessor, which sadly has aged very badly over the years and gets worse with repeated viewings. Still, ID4 mark 2 certainly isn’t the worst prospect ever and overall I’m quite looking forward to it.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them: ETA November 2015

Harry Potter spinoff, featuring Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander. Don’t know that much about it, but could be a winner if done right

The BFG: ETA Summer 2015

Live action adaptation of the rather lovely Roald Dahl book features Mark Rylance as the Big Friendly Giant and is directed by Steven Spielberg – to be honest I really cant see how this one can fail.

May I take this opportunity to thank my erstwhile colleague and friend Mr Phil Hobden for continuing to let me vent my spleen on this fantastic site and to do so once more in 2016.

I wish you all a happy and peaceful new year

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See you in 2016.
Author: Will Strong