Phil’s 5 Worst Films of 2015

Phil’s 5 Worst Films of 2015

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So 2015 is almost over and it’s that time a year again where everyone reflects back on their best and worst films of the year. So first up… the 5 WORST film of 2015.  And there were quite a few to choose from..

Stinker of The Year: Fifty Shades Of Grey
In Brief:Oh god why, why did I watch this?  I guess it was partly to see what all the fuss was about.  And apparently the fuss was about awkward sex scenes, bad acting and a script that could have been written by a middle aged woman writing bad Twilight fan fiction.  Oh.  It was.



2. He Who Dares 2: Downing Street Down
In Brief: The funniest film of 2015 by a long way.  Filmmaking as pure incompetence.

3. Magic Mike XXL
In Brief: Not funny, not charming, Not anything.  Just piss poor.

4. Blackhat
In Brief: From the guy who made Heat comes possible one of the biggest let downs of 2015.  Just one of the most boring films I’ve seen this year.

5. Assassin
In Brief:  Danny Dyer on Brighton seafront riding a push bike rates as possible this years best 30 seconds of cinema.  So bad i cried laughing.  As for the rest of the film: utter shite.

Dis-Honourable Mentions:
Maggie, Insurgent, Spy, Minions, Taken 3,  Everly, American Sniper, Spectre, Big Eyes, Jupiter Ascending


Phil’s Best & Worst of 2015… So Far! (Updated: 7th Oct 2015)

Quick Review

Best Films of 2015… So Far.

So this is my semi-regularly updated of the BEST and WORST of 2015’s movies, in my very humble opinion.

Best Films Of 2015… So Far:

1. Whiplash (9/10)
2. Inside Out (9/10)
3. Shaun The Sheep (9/10)
4. Birdman (8/10)
5. Kingsmen: The Secret Service (8/10)

Honourable Mentions: Pitch Perfect 2 (8/10); Unfriended (8/10); The Infinite Man (8/10); John Wick (8/10) ; Focus (8/10); The Theory Of Everything (8/10); Going Clear (8/10); Cinderella (8/10); Son Of A Gun

Worst Films Of 2014… So Far:

1. Fifty Shades Of Grey (2/10)
2. He Who Dares 2: Downing Street Down (2/10)
3. Magic Mike XXL (3/10)
4. Blackhat (3/10)
5. Assassin (3/10)

Dis-Honourable Mentions:  Maggie (3/10); Insurgent (4/10), Spy (4/10); Minions (4/10), Taken 3 (4/10), Everly (5/10), American Sniper (5/10), Big Eyes (5/10), Jupiter Ascending (5/10)


 The Sharknado Award for Films So Good They Cant Be Rated:

Kung Fury (And Sharknado 3)

Great Films of 2013 I didn’t see in

Honourable Mentions: I, Origins (7/10), Pride (9/10), The Imitation Game (7/10), Paddington (8/10), Kajaki (9/10)


Blog: Assassin – A Quick Capsule Review

Blog: Assassin – A Quick Capsule Review

Quick Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
Oh dear.  After a massive step up in quality in last years Vendetta, Danny Dyer sadly makes a return to the kinda films he was making 5 years ago (see rubbish like The Last Seven and Pimp) with the less than impressive Assassin.  It’s fair to say Dyer is not on top form here, struggling to convince as a deadly assassin who accidentally falls in love with the daughter of a former victim.  Thing is he’d probably get away with it if not for the uncomfortable sex scenes, flat action and lifeless direction but sadly the whole film seems to be conspiring against him. All in all this is one to miss.

Best Bit: It’s short

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If You Liked this Try: Vendetta, Football Factory, Doghouse


Author: Phil Hobden