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Motion Picture Maniac

Top 10 Movies Of The 70’s – Motion Picture Maniac

Ah the 70’s, such an odd decade, one we’re looking back on today for its contribution to cinema and the films it gave us, pretending for a moment that the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions the 70’s isn’t “oh yes, the time taken for the LSD induced insanity of the 60’s to transform into the ... Read More »

The Shack – Motion Picture Maniac

Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, especially when it comes to movies, you can love or hate whatever you want, within good reason of course, and filmmakers really should be free to make whatever they want too, this day an age we have critics declaring that auteurs out to produce original pieces of cinema are better when they’re restrained and not ... Read More »

Gifted – Motion Picture Maniac

I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve often had trouble understanding some critics when a film gets them so riled up, they just hated it so much, worst movie ever, no redeeming qualities at all, and you become desperate to know why? You read on, or listen on depending on the kind of review it is until you finally ... Read More »

Spark – Motion Picture Maniac

Let’s have a bit of fun with this review, I’m going to recite the plot of the animated sci-fi kiddie adventure “Spark” and every time I mention something that’s already appeared in countless films before, you take a shot, OK ready? So there’s this planet that’s apparently wonderful and brilliant, because voiceover narration tells us it is, and it’s ruled ... Read More »

The Sense Of An Ending – Motion Picture Maniac

I really wish I could explain why this film is called The Sense Of An Ending, but alas, I cannot, after seeing the film in its entirety and getting no where on what the hell it’s supposed to mean I can only assume it’s one of those “slot machine” titles, the kind that don’t really appear to have anything to ... Read More »

Smurfs: The Lost Village – Motion Picture Maniac

Yes, I actually went to see Smurfs: The Lost Village, and I didn’t think it was all that good, is it better than the previous two Smurfs films? Oh, Christ yes, there are many things better than those two sperm bank rejects, but unfortunately, being better than that isn’t saying all that much. Story wise, we have all the Smurfs ... Read More »

CHiPs – Motion Picture Maniac

So let me get this straight, this film, “CHiPs”, is intended to be comedic, right? It’s supposed to make you laugh, yes? Are there any other intentions than that? Is it intended to challenge our beliefs, morals and/or way of life? No? So it’s just a comedy then, constructed for no other reason than to make one laugh… well that’s ... Read More »

A Cure For Wellness – Motion Picture Maniac

For the majority of Gore Verbinski’s career I feel like I’ve been the only one really trying to give the guy a break, I don’t think he’s as bad as people keep making out, even after years of pondering I still can’t quite figure out why everyone has such a problem with the second and third entries in the Pirates ... Read More »

The Space Between Us – Motion Picture Maniac

You want to know exactly how bad this movie is? An hour or two after getting home from the cinema I had completely forgotten about ever even going to the cinema itself. I remembered suddenly that I had actually gone to see something but it took me, what must have been, 10 or so minutes to remember exactly what it ... Read More »

Fifty Shades Darker – Motion Picture Maniac

So… yeah… I went to the cinema to see Fifty Shades Darker, the sequel to Fifty Shades Of Grey, a movie about a sweet innocent idiot who ends up in a controlling and abusive relationship with a billionaire sadist and… not much else to be perfectly honest, the plot didn’t really go further than that. Speaking of being perfectly honest, ... Read More »