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How to Submit a Project for Review?

Are you a PR/media company or established film studio/distributor?
If so please email us directly at and we’d be happy to review your product.

I made my own independent film. Will you guys review it?
Yes! We love reviewing independent films and helping out the community in any way we can.

Here’s what we won’t cover here on All Things Film.
1. Films which promote a particular religious, illegal, hate or extreme agenda.
2. Films which are patently homophobic, racist or anti-Semitic.
3. It has to be an actual film that you’re trying to promote and do something with.
4. It has to be an actual film…period.  

How do I submit my film to you for review?
Please email  in the first instance with a trailer and synopsis of your film.  Please do not send us multiple e-mails requesting a review for your film.  We will respond to EVERY enquiry.  Please include the url to the film’s website (if applicable).

What are the requirements for submission?
If you would like your film reviewed by Phil’s Quick Capsule Review or Ross And Phil Talk Movies, please read and understand the following guidelines before contacting us about a review.

Please only send screeners and review copies WHEN requested. Submissions MUST out of post-production and fully completed. We will not review incomplete versions of a film as the final version could vary from the review version, which would then render our review inaccurate.

You can submit your film in TWO ways:

1. Ideally we prefer a final production form and packaged release whenever possible.

or alternatively

2. DVD/BR or Online/ Digital screener (pre-release)

It’s very important that you communicate with us prior to sending ANY material in for review, as the films are sent to different people.   If you send us a screener that doesn’t follow these submission guidelines, we reserve the right to reject the screener at our discretion.  Rejected screeners that did not follow the submission guidelines will not be returned to the sender.

Please note we are unable to return ANY submitted material.

I see that you interview lots of filmmakers. Will you do an interview with me?

Probably. Are you interesting and do you have an interesting story to tell about your film? If so then please contact us at

We interview either for print (via email or Skype/Phone) or if it’s a really cool story on our podcast Ross And Phil Talk Movies.   If you’re not asked to do an interview though, please don’t be offended. We can only do so many a month, and with the number of screeners we get, it makes it hard to keep up with everyone.

Phil & The Team