The Kid Who Would Be King (2019) – A Quick Capsule Review

The Kid Who Would Be King (2019) – A Quick Capsule Review

Quick Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
The Kid Who Would Be King passes the time but never really ascends further than feeling like a 70’s made for TV Disney movie.  Even the presence of Sir Patrick Stewart can’t elevate this film beyond just being ‘good’ and overall you get the feeling with a little less repetition and a tighter run time, it would have been much stronger.  There are things to like – Serkis, the effects and the Harry Potter feel – but ultimately the message is a bit heavy handed and the film a bit too flabby.

Best Bit: Serkis is great

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Kajaki (2014) – A Quick Capsule Review (Revisited)

Kajaki (2014) – A Quick Capsule Review (Revisited)

Quick Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
Powerful, tense and more of of the seat that ANY horror film I’ve seen in a long time, Kajaki is one of the best films I’ve seen in 2015 and certainly one of the best British films I’ve seen in a long time.  Showing what can be done with a good story, great performances and taught direction Kajaki had my pulse racing.  This is simply a must see film, made even more important as a retelling of actual, life changing events that took place at Kajaki Dam in 2006.  Stunning.

Best Bit: So tense.

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Phil’s Top 5… Low Budget Films

Phil’s Top 5… Low Budget Films

Other Cr*p Top 5

In a new semi-regular feature each week Phil takes a lookout a different movie related Top Five… this time out: Low Budget Films.

Yup sub $300k movie making at it’s finest.  And bloodiest. It’s no surprise that it’s horror that tends to shine in this budget level, with scares and blood taking the place of cast and effects.  Here are my top 5 low budget films.

Close but no cigar: El Mariachi, Cube, Brick, Bad Taste, Paranormal Activity, Halloween


5 – The Evil Dead
Sam Rami followed in The Texas Chainsaw’s shoes , delivering one of the most famous ‘video nasties’ on the 80’s with The Evil Dead, a movie whose characters and legacy still carries on today.  See the original uncut version for the full on Evil Dead experience.


4 – Night of The Living Dead
Romero launched a genre with Night of The Living Dead, tacked race politics and scared the bejesus out of people. Night was years ahead of its time and spawned two equally impressive sequels. Today it stands as a key influencer on modern TV and movies.


3 – Clerks
Love him or hate him (and mostly hate with his latest few films), Kevin Smith pulled a blinder with Clerks – a mostly one location comedy with memorable dialogue and even more memorable characters.  Made with credit cards, luck and a degree of bullshit Clerks still stands up today as a damn funny, raw movie.


2 – Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Whilst it has dated badly, the original TCM was and still is somewhat of a phenomenon.  Banned in the UK for over twenty years, Chainsaw broke new ground in horror filmmaking with it’s raw handheld style, a style that would influence films like Evil Dead and Blair Witch years later. 


1 – Blair Witch Project
Like TCM before it, the directors of Blair Witch would never top their debut film, a film which for a long time was the most profitable movie ever made (overtaken latterly by Paranormal Activity). It launched a sub genre (the found footage film) and showed what you could do with no money but a great idea, presented alongside a one of cinemas best marketing campaigns. Like it or hate it, it changed filmmaking.





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Phil’s Top 5… Video Nasties (Films banned by the BBFC)

Phil’s Top 5… Video Nasties (Films banned by the BBFC)

Other Cr*p Top 5

Each week Phil, from Phil’s Quick Capsule Review, takes a look at a different movie or TV related Top Five.  This time out: we take a look at the infamous video nasties of the 80’s – the 74 or so banned films by the BBFC ranging from the iconic to the toilet.

Close but no cigar: The Burning, I Spit On Your Grave, The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue, Tenebrae, Driller Killer, Last House On The left


5 – The Beyond
Lucio Fulci Zombie film with a plot “borrowed” from Micheal Winners “The Sentinel” cemented his position as the king of the video nasties. It’s original release had suffered 9 cuts totalling 1:39s.  Released uncut in 2001. 


4 – Faces Of Death
Yes it’s terrible. But Faces Of Death and its is it/isn’t it real documentary video footage set a bench mark of the kind of OTT exploration rubbish that would become legendary when, in reality, it should probably have been forgotten. Cut initially by 35 minutes on it’s UK release, it’s still unavailable uncut.


3 – Zombie Flesh Eaters
The eye!  Yes another Fulci Zombie film, this time a kinda sequel to Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead was marketed as ‘Zombie 2’ (DOTD was called ‘Zombie’ in some countries) in some countries.  Heavily edited by almost 2 minutes in the UK on it’s cinema release, the film was finally released uncut in 2012.


2 – Cannibal Holocaust
Ruggero Deadato Cannibal film became legend with it’s close to the mark featuring gratuitous GENUINE animal butchery that saw the filmmaker in court.  Over 7 minutes were trimmed initially and the film is still unavailable uncut in the UK (although a almost uncut version can be purchased)


1 – The Evil Dead
Yes Sam Rami’s The Evil Dead was a ‘banned movie’ back in the day, even though compared to many on this list it was pretty tame.  It was cut by other 1min 30 secs on it’s initial releases finally seeing an uncut release in the UK in 2001.





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The Meg (2018) – Review Round Up

The Meg (2018) – Review Round Up

Other Cr*p

Want to know what the critics think of the latest hot releases but don’t want to have to search for them?  Well look no further as we round up the reviews from 5 of the most influential sources for the latest BIG RELEASE movie.  This time out: The Meg


“Maybe it could have been even bigger and dumber, in a good way, but then again, maybe a 90-foot shark is big enough.”- 7.3



The Meg is a one hundred percent inorganic meal, something made from pre-tasted and then regurgitated ingredients. It’s true that some people like institutional food, but those allergic to cardboard must steer clear.” 



” We wouldn’t dream of spoiling it, but let’s just say if The Meg’s giant tongue had been lodged in its gargantuan cheek a touch more, this could have been the summer’s greatest guilty pleasure. Instead, it’s further proof you can’t make a silk purse out of a shark’s fin.” – 2/5



“Jason Statham leads a B-movie giant-shark thriller that wants to be ‘Jaws’ on steroids. The trouble is, it’s neither good enough — nor bad enough.”


” The Meg is shamelessly stupid, delightfully dumb, and uproarious fun with it. And it’s definitely the best worst movie of the summer.” -3/5



Overall Critics Say

Review Round Up Meh






Full credit to original sources.  Links to websites provided.



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Phil’s Best To Worst: Marvel Cinematic Universe (inc. Ant-Man And The Wasp )

Phil’s Best To Worst: Marvel Cinematic Universe (inc. Ant-Man And The Wasp )

Best... Other Cr*p

Our ongoing look at the Best To Worst of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films!  Updated as and when a new Marvel (Studios) film is released…  Note scores reflect my original IMDB ratings.


Best: Captain America Winter Solider

A cold war thriller with Robert Redford and a mini Avengers team up.  Add in the always awesome Frank Grillo and a genuinely interesting script and you have Marvel’s strongest cinematic outing.


2. Guardians Of The Galaxy

Massively far out of Marvel’s usual comfort zone, Guardian’s introduced spaceships, talking racoons and a giant tree person. Cracking script, expert action and a heap of fun.


3. Iron Man 3

The Iron Man film that broke a lot of Marvel fans, Shane Black took the playbook and ripped it up.  Twists, turns and a cute central relationships made this a different take on the norm and was all the better for it.


4. Thor: Ragnarok

Well this was a bundle of fun.  The previous Thor films have been okay but Ragnarok delivered a brilliant romp which dragged in The Hulk, a handful of memorable new characters (Korg!)  and some great set pieces to end up being one of Marvel’s best films yet.


5. Marvel’s The Avengers 

All the groundwork paid off as Marvel delivered it’s first ever super hero team up.  The Hulk was back (and done right this time), Hawkeye and Black Widow joined the team and director Joss Whedon delivered the goods.


6. Spider-Man Homecoming 

Funny, charming, with Marvels best villain and best Spiderman (yup sorry Andrew Garfield) Homecoming is a joy of a film that is by far the closest to what the comic book Peter Parker is.


6. Avengers: Infinity War

Shocking, well paced and with one of Marvel’s greatest screen villains Avengers Infinity War ALMOST delivered on it’s considerable promise.  Almost.



8. Iron Man

The Film that started it all… Iron Man was a rock n roll action movie with an unlikely lead, an even more unlikely director and enough balls out moments to wow.


9. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Loud, silly and funny as heck, Vol. 2 isn’t quite the tight film that it’s 2014 original is but it’s a hell of a lot of fun.  Add in an amazing cast (including Stallone, Hasselhoff and Russell) and you have another winner from Marvel…


10. Ant-Man

Ant-Man is a heist movie. With Ants.  And fights on toy trains.  It’s crazy but it’s also full of charm, humour and fun.


11. Black Panther 

Black Panther takes a different approach to the usual Marvel film, yet falls into a lot of the same traps of relying a bit too much on visual effects at times.  That said it’s one of Marvel’s most intimate stories and whilst not perfect is a really strong entry into the increasingly bigger MCU.


12. Ant-Man & The Wasp

Ant-Man & The Wasp is GREAT fun.  It’s also totally forgettable and delivers what is possibly Marvel’s weakest villain to date.  Not bad by any stretch just off pace of the original.


13. Doctor Strange

Off the big screen Doctor Strange looses a little but this visually stunning film shows that marvel are still interested in pushing the envelope as far as you can in mainstream blockbusters.


14. Captain America: The First Avenger 

Solid, fun and well done, whilst it has little rewatch appeal Captain America again took a different approach and gave us a couple of Marvel’s most enduring characters.


15. Captain America: Civil War

It’s not bad.  It just didn’t gel with me as much as it did others. Don’t get me wrong there’s a lot to like and again it plays with the expected formula, but ultimately i’m just not that keen to go back to it.


16. Thor: The Dark World

I liked The Dark world MUCH more than others.  Okay so it’s flawed for sure but it’s crazy fun.


17. Thor

Thor was a sold film, tasked with the near impossible job of making a god fit in a world of men.  It does it well but not one you’ll rewatch much.


18. Avengers Age Of Ultron

Marvel’s first disappointment, Age Of Ultron was all show and little else.  Too big, too dumb and too long.



19. The Incredible Hulk (2008)

It has charm and the casting works well but ultimately The Incredible Hulk (whilst FAR better than the Ang Lee version) just doesn’t have enough to recommend it.



Worst : Iron Man 2

The idea was fine but sadly most of the film misses.  Even Mickey Rourke (yes one of the oddest Marvel villains ever) can’t save this.



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Blog: The Billion Dollar Movie Car Club (Highest Grossing Movie Cars!)

Blog: The Billion Dollar Movie Car Club (Highest Grossing Movie Cars!)

All Things Film Blog The Blogs

They’ve starred in some of the highest grossing movies of all time, now Hollywood’s biggest four wheeled stars have been named for the very first time.  New research by motoring experts has revealed a handful of motors who qualify for an exclusive Billion Dollar Movie Car Club – vehicles which played a significant role in a billion-dollar movie or movie franchise.

Surprisingly many of Hollywood’s most iconic car movies failed to qualify for the club as only those grossing a billion or more at the box office were deemed worthy of inclusion.  The nine cars which made the cut can be considered the highest earning movie motors of all time – and there are some surprises amongst them.  Researchers carefully calculated exactly how much screen time each car received and worked this out as a percentage of the movie’s run time.  This figure was then used to calculate the exact revenue the cars could have been considered to ‘earn’ at the box office – creating a definitive list of the highest grossing cars in Hollywood history.


Billion Dollar Movie Car Club: motors and box office takings for their time on screen


  1. Jurassic Park Jeep: $200,940,000
  2. Fast & Furious 7, Dodge Charger: $189,000,000
  3. Back to the Future (Pts 1,2,3) Delorean: $148,393,100
  4. Transformers: Age of Extinction, Chevrolet Camaro, $67,100,000
  5. Harry Potter, Ford Anglia: $44,829,000
  6. Skyfall, Aston Martin: $37,400,000
  7. Titanic, 1912 Renault Coupe: $27,300,000
  8. Star Wars, Luke’s Landspeeder: $26,363,600
  9. Batman v Superman, Batmobile: $24,416,000


The focus on box office takings meant some of the best-known car movies didn’t get a look in. The Italian Job, for example, took only $10m in 1969 and its remake managed $176m in 2003 – far below the threshold required for the Billion Dollar Movie Car Club.


Surprisingly the research revealed that the biggest car movie star of all time is the humble Jeep from the Jurassic Park movie franchise.  Perhaps most famous for the T-Rex attack scene in the very first Jurassic Park movie starring Jeff Goldblum, a combination of serious screen time and sky high box office takings took the Jeep to the top of the chart when it came to cash generated while on screen. It fought off stiff competition from more iconic car stars such as the Dodge Charger from The Fast and the Furious franchise, the Delorean from Back to the Future and James Bond’s Aston Martin.


The Jeep played an important role in many of the Jurassic Park movies and was on screen for a lengthy 24mins and 26 seconds, or 19.7%, of the film which kicked off the franchise. The franchise has grossed a massive $4.1 billion to date with the first movie alone generating $1.02billion. With the Jeep on screen for 19.7% of the movie researchers attributed a massive $200,940,000 to it making it the highest earning car movie star of all time.


The only other car to give the Jurassic Park Jeep a serious run for its money is the Dodge Charger from the Fast and the Furious franchise.  The Fast and Furious series has become perhaps the best-known car movie franchise in the world with global box office of $5.1billion. The Dodge, or rather a succession of them, is driven by character Dominic Toretto, played by actor Vin Diesel.  Researchers focused on Fast & Furious 7, a smash which took $1.5billion at the cinema. The Dodge was on screen for a lengthy 17min and 38 seconds, or 12.6% of the movie’s total run time, which meant the car alone ‘earned’ an impressive $189,000,000.


Harry Potter is the biggest movie franchise of all time with global box office takings of $8.5billion. The most famous car in the Harry Potter movies is the flying Ford Anglia which plays a key plot role in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which took an impressive $879m at the cinema.  The flying Ford Anglia was on screen for 8mins 55 seconds, or 5.1% of the movie, which was the second instalment of JK Rowling’s Potter series. Researchers calculated the car’s appearance was worth $44,829,000 dollars – 5.1% of the box office takings.


Star Wars, the second highest growing movie franchise of all time with takings of $7.5billion, is better known for spaceships than land vehicles but Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder from original movie A New Hope was included in the research. Luke’s main ride on his home planet Tatooine, the Landspeeder is on screen for a total of 4mins and 17 seconds or 3.4% of the movie, making it responsible for $26,363,600 of the film’s total box office figure of $775.4m.


James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 is another contender for the most iconic movie car of all time but it is far behind the Jurassic Jeep and the Fast & Furious Dodge in terms of movie earnings. The Bond franchise has certainly done the business at cinemas with global box office of $7.07 making it the third highest grossing movie franchise behind Harry Potter and Star Wars. Researchers from motoring experts focused on the car’s appearance in Skyfall – a stand-alone billion-dollar movie with takings of $1.1billion. The car shared the screen with Daniel Craig for 4mins 50 seconds or 3.4% of the movie run time, meaning it ‘earned’ $37,400,000 of the takings.


Another favourite movie car, the time travelling Delorean from the Back to the Future movies, managed to clinch third place on the list of highest grossing cars.  Researchers found that while the entire franchise took $1billion in total, the car really was the star with significant screen time – just under 15% across all three instalments – to earn a box office total of $148,393,000.


Other cars included in the billion-dollar club included the 1912 Renault Type CB Coupe de Ville from the movie Titanic. Despite not being part of a franchise the movie alone took a whopping $2.1billion at the box office. The car was on screen for 2mins 30 seconds, or 1.3% of the run time, earning a still impressive £27,300,000.  The Transformers movies have earned $4.3billion in total. The Age of Extinction instalment made $1.1billion alone. Researchers focused on ‘Bumblebee’ a Chevrolet Camaro, which was on screen for 10mins and 5 seconds or 6.1% of the film, meaning it was responsible for $67,100,000 of the take.   The Batman movies have taken a total of $4.6billion with Batman vs Superman taking $872m. The iconic Batmobile was on screen for 2.8% of the movie giving its appearance a value of $24,416,000.


A spokesman for motoring experts, who completed the study, said: “Cars have played an important part in Hollywood since the days of silent movies. Some vehicles have become almost as famous as the characters and the actors who drive them.


“Everyone associates James Bond and Daniel Craig with the Aston Martin and you can’t think about Michael J Fox or Marty McFly without thinking about the Delorean.”  said LeaseCar “Other movies have put cars at the centre of the action and the Fast and the Furious franchise has become popular with petrolheads around the world.


“For our study though we wanted to find out once and for all which cars were the biggest stars of all time when it comes to Hollywood blockbusters. We decided to focus both on box office takings and on screen time and crunched the numbers to reach a definitive list. The results might surprise some people. Few would have predicted the Jeep from Jurassic Park was the biggest car movie star of all time but the numbers tell their own story. If there was an Oscar for Highest Grossing Car the Jurassic Jeep would win it hands down. Best Supporting Car would go to the Dodge from Fast and Furious. ”

They continue “Our personal favourite is the Delorean from Back to the Future but you have to add all three movies up to qualify for the Billion Dollar Movie Car Club. Maybe the time travelling car could get an Oscar in Lifetime Achievement category?”


Guest Podcast:  Kick Back With Chris Martial Arts Podcast Jackie Chan Special

Guest Podcast: Kick Back With Chris Martial Arts Podcast Jackie Chan Special

The Podcasts

Our lastest guest podcast comes via martial artist Chris Jones and the Kick Back With Chris Martial Arts Podcast. Episode 11 is a Jackie Chan special! 

Featuring Instructors, Directors, Students, Actors, Stunt Performers and Movie Producers from all around the world, this is truly our first international episode!

With this week being the International Jackie Chan Action Movie Week, there was no way I could miss that chance to take over the show!

Discussing all things Jackie Chan, our listeners and guests talk about why they love Jackie, their favorite movie moments and more (including Phil from Ross And Phil Talk Movies) 

Listen via the link below or via iTunes and Android at or via Itunes or Android

Ross And Phil Talk Movies – New Logo/Feed Issues.  (Updated – 12th July)

Ross And Phil Talk Movies – New Logo/Feed Issues. (Updated – 12th July)

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